How to Clean Air Con Filters

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How to Clean Air Con Filters

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Air Conditioner filters play a vital role when it comes to preventing bacteria, particles, dust and other substances from being carried into your room when using an air conditioner. This is why it is so important to keep filters clean; they can become clogged quite easily!

When air conditioning filters are clogged or dirty it will not only perform less efficiently but it would also blow dirty air, and even diseases, and cause problem such as asthma and bronchitis.

We are here to help you maintain your air con and its filters. However if you would like to clean the filters, here are some of the steps you should take. (Be extra careful! Hire a professional if you are unsure of anything).

Step 1

Turn off the electricity to your air conditioning system.

Step 2

Remove the internal unit’s cover. Air conditioners are different, sometimes covers are screwed in, while other times they have locking push tabs. If it has screws, unscrew it carefully and keep the screws in a safe place.

Step 3

Unclip or slide out the filter from the unit and vacuum it ensuring you take off any builded up dirt.

Step 4

In a large container mix ½ cup of vinegar and ½ cup of water and let the filters soak. The vinegar removes allergens and hurtful bacteria.

Step 5

Immerse the filter in the cleaning solution and soak it for a few hours.

Step 6

Take the filter out of the mix and allow it to drain. Don’t rinse it or blow-dry it. Simply let it dry. Once it is completely dry, return it to its place and cover the unit once again.

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