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Dear Daniel I wish to thank you and the whole team in the very efficient way the whole job went from your total quote which explained what was included to the complete installation which ended up on a perfect day done completely as required and I  am certain we  will enjoy it over summer. Extra  […]


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Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Experts

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is not only an incredible place to live and work, but it’s changing rapidly. H&H Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast head office is centrally located to allow us a quick response anywhere on the Sunshine Coast.

Through our years of air conditioning experience we’ve tailored our approach to both commercial and residential air conditioners to offer the best in service to our customers. If you have been searching online for ‘Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast‘, ‘Air Con Sunshine Coast‘ or ‘Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning‘, you’ve found the best team on the coast. H&H Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast are here for all your air conditioning needs.

Whether it’s a new build requiring a fully designed ducted air conditioning system, fitting a new split system to your existing property, retrofitting an out of date model or simply fixing or servicing a current system. H&H Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast can have your air conditioning functioning at it’s best with a minimum of impact on your workplace or lifestyle. We appreciate we all have budgets and time constraints that need to be met and we do our best on all occasions to meet both.

A steadfast commitment to quality service, quality brands and industry best practice has allowed H&H Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast our continual growth to our current position amongst South East Queensland’s largest specialist air conditioner sales, repairs and installations companies. We now employ over 30 staff across the H&H Group including the Sunshine Coast air conditioning office.

With consistent quality work standards we have earned a strong reputation as a leading air conditioning Sunshine Coast company. By choosing H&H Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast you will receive the best advice and technical expertise, the highest quality brands, and full manufacturer warranties for complete peace of mind.

Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast – Quality You Can’t Live Without

Purchasing air conditioning is right up there with buying a car. The difference is, air conditioning is an investment, which is why it’s essential to purchase the right air conditioning. Sunshine Coast temperatures mean that air conditioning is pretty much a necessity and with rising living expenses, it’s also a necessity to buy air conditioning that’s efficient.

Sunshine Coast air conditioning companies aren’t all created equal. Whether it be a system designed for your existing home, part of renovations, for a new home or a commercial premises, experience, expertise and quality systems are what makes a dealer stand out. This also has a huge impact on your system’s energy efficiency, your electricity bill, your comfort levels and the lifespan of your system and maintenance costs.

So how do you find a Sunshine Coast air conditioning company that can help you avoid all of these problems? Consider asking these questions while doing your research…

Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast – Key Points!

  • Use an experienced and qualified Sunshine Coast air conditioning company
  • Research brands before you start your search
  • Consider energy ratings for the most efficient system
  • Consider ease of filter cleaning if you have an allergy sufferer
  • The availability of servicing and breakdown repairs is essential for the life and efficiency of your unit
  • Don’t be afraid to ask if you can view qualifications and compliance statements
  • Always have your home assessed to determine the system size required, don’t ‘guestimate’
  • Get a professional Sunshine Coast air conditioning company to determine where the units should be placed
  • Consider the noise factors of outdoor compressors and opt for quieter models of air conditioning for your Sunshine Coast home
  • Always get an itemised quote for the system and installation

Contact H&H Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast to answer all of your residential and commercial air conditioning questions.

#1 What Brands Do You Sell & How Efficient Are They?

#1 What Brands Do You Sell & How Efficient Are They?

Brand and energy rating could very well be the deciding factor in selecting an ideal Sunshine Coast air conditioning dealer. Beware that a cheap unit is likely very cheap for a reason. It could be reconditioned, it could have previously been faulty and has since been repaired, it may be a lesser known brand that is flooding the market to build their brand or could be made with low-grade materials from overseas that don’t meet Australian standards. Well-known brands, although a fraction more expensive, can make the difference money wise over the long and short term.

While researching, take note of the energy star rating labels on the units offered by air conditioning dealers. These ratings are represented by the number of stars with ratings ranging from a minimum of one star up to a maximum of 6 stars. Systems with outstanding energy efficiency can have up to 10 stars. The energy star rating system is regulated by the government and is an easy way for consumers to compare the power consumption of different brands of air conditioning systems.

If you’re unsure about the leading brands on the market, carry out your own research first so you know what you’re looking for. A good place to start is at consumer advocacy group, Choice. Ultimately, a quality Sunshine Coast air conditioning company will be one that sells high-quality brands with excellent star ratings.

#2 Are Your Air Conditioning Systems Suitable For Allergy Sufferers?

#2 Are Your Air Conditioning Systems Suitable For Allergy Sufferers?

In general, most air con systems for Sunshine Coast living are effective in maintaining a stable indoor environment and keeping things such as dust, pollens and mould at bay. However, some systems are more effective at removing contamination than others. Here are things to consider:

  • The quality of the systems filter.
  • How small a particle does the system filter?
  • How easy is the filter to clean?

Ease of cleaning the filter is an important aspect, especially if you have to do it regularly for chronic sufferers. This is why it’s so important to seek an air conditioning system that has a filter that is easy to remove, clean and reinstall on a regular basis. Savings on energy efficiency will quickly go out the window because a technician will need to clean it instead.

#3 Are Your Installers qualified and experienced?

#3 Are Your Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Installers Qualified & Experienced?

This is a question you shouldn’t be afraid to ask as well as asking to view their paperwork. Why? Because when air conditioning is installed by an unqualified and inexperienced technician, you risk poor energy efficiency, ineffective heating and cooling, safety and money due to incorrect installation. Whether a company uses electricians to do their installations or a handyman, unless they are suitably licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council and have the necessary experience, it’s best to take your business elsewhere for peace of mind. It’s better than saving a dollar or two. Always ask about the qualifications of your <a “Air Conditioning Installer Sunshine Coast” href=”/air-conditioning/air-conditioning-installation-sunshine-coast”>Sunshine Coast air conditioning installer or you could void your manufacturer warranty and end up costing yourself a lot extra.

#4 What Size Unit Do I Need?

#4 What Size Air Conditioning Unit Do I Need?

A professional and experienced Sunshine Coast air conditioning company will always offer to come out to your home where they will take note of factors such as layout, size, environmental factors, other load-generating appliances and the presence of insulation in order to best determine and design a solution that is best for you.

Never risk a guess or rough calculations otherwise you could be left with a system that’s either too big or too small and that will create for you a world of problems. Although a system that is too big may cool a room quickly, it will soon turn off when the temperature is reached. It will then continue to turn on and off wearing the system out prematurely and creating huge energy inefficiencies. The issue with a system that is too small is obvious: the system will struggle to cool the area, increasing the risk of premature wear and tear, causing energy inefficiencies and a lot of discomfort.

#5 Can You Help Determine The Best Placement Of The System?

#5 Can You Help Determine The Best Placement Of The System?

As with determining the size of the system, your Sunshine Coast air conditioning professional will also determine system placement when they visit your home or workplace for an assessment.

Correct placement of wall units, vents and compressor units is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, sunlight has a huge effect on cooling efficiency. Direct sunlight, especially in the heat of summer, can force the machine to work harder and, therefore, consume more power. Secondly, factors such as room layout, window and door sizes and orientation will play a big part in where the system or vents are placed. Lastly, outdoor compressor units must be appropriately placed to avoid noise complaints.

All Sunshine Coast air conditioning dealers should be guided by and familiar with Queensland’s Environmental Protection Act 1994 when it comes to noise. The ideal placement of a system should be away from neighbouring bedrooms, windows, offices, walls and corners and it should be determined whether or not the unit needs to be contained in an acoustic enclosure. An air-conditioner that has been incorrectly placed and exposes neighbours to noise above the allowable noise limits could leave you with an on the spot fine from your local council and the cost of having to move your system. One step you can take to ensure your air conditioning system is a quieter model is to check that it is labelled with a Sound Power Level (Lw), measured in decibels (dB). All residential air conditioners sold in Queensland (up to 12Kw) are required by law to be labelled with a Sound Power Level.

#6 Do You Offer Air Con Servicing & Breakdown Repairs On The Sunshine Coast?

#6 Do You Offer Air Con Servicing & Breakdown Repairs On The Sunshine Coast?

The lifespan, efficiency and noise levels of an air conditioning system very much rely upon regular maintenance. Before purchasing air conditioning, ask your air conditioning Sunshine Coast dealer if they offer regular servicing and breakdown repair services. Not only does this service ensure scheduled maintenance is continued, it also means that services will be done properly as the technician is likely to be familiar with the brand and model.

#7 Does Your Ductwork Meet Australian Standards?

#7 Does Your Ductwork Meet Australian Standards?

Ductwork is a lot more than tubes that transport air. If they are faulty, the wrong size, of poor quality or not installed properly, significant inefficiencies will become apparent with the air con. Sunshine Coast homeowners will feel the pinch with higher energy bills due to leaky ducts and wasted air. The Australian standard for ductwork is AS 4254. Ask the dealer if their ductwork meets these standards and don’t be afraid to view the labels or ask for a written compliance statement. Lastly, does your Sunshine Coast air conditioning company have experience and the qualifications to install ductwork?If you’re looking for ‘ducted air conditioning Sunshine Coast‘, be sure to ask the right questions about your ductwork.

#8 What Does Your Installation Fee Cover?

#8 What Does Your Installation Fee Cover?

The cost for air conditioning installation Sunshine Coast depends on a number of variables which is why it’s imperative that you get several quotes in order to make your decision and to get the best and most reasonable price. The cost can depend on the complexity of the install and whether there’s any hard wiring involved. Installation costs for ducted air conditioning systems is generally a lot higher due to the complexity of the install. To avoid any surprises, confirm exactly what is included in the installation fee by way of an itemised quotation.

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Hello, Must say we were very impressed with the lads who were working here yesterday, polite (no swearing, at all) happy chappies efficient  and cleaned up their mess very well, even the chap who did the pre survey was excellent.  Compliments to the team Judy  


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