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Air Conditioning Brisbane

Technicool | The Brisbane Air Conditioning Experts

Technicool Air Conditioning Brisbane is a leading air conditioning specialist servicing our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast air conditioning customers from our two offices in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

As Brisbane air conditioning specialists, we understand the limitations and requirements in both commercial and residential environment. Whether we design an air conditioning Brisbane solution for your existing home, renovation plans, new build or commercial premises; we are confident we can bring our experience and expertise to the table to reduce the impact on your workplace or lifestyle.

Our goal is to have the job done within your time and budget constraints. Whether it’s a ducted air conditioning installation or a simple split system air conditioner our team of trusted and qualified technicians as well as our support staff are here to assist. If you've been searching online for 'Air Conditioning Brisbane', 'Brisbane Air Conditioning' or 'Air Con Brisbane', look no further, as the incredible team at Technicool Air Conditioning Brisbane is ready to help. Call us today on (07) 3276 1800, so we can provide you with the right advice, the best brands and lifelong service and care.

A Brisbane Air Conditioning Company That Will SAVE you money

It’s a serious investment, air conditioning. Brisbane’s temperatures mean it’s almost a necessity to have air conditioning in your home, but not just any type of air conditioning. The right air conditioning and correct installation makes a huge difference, not only to your comfort levels and ability to get through the heat of the summer but to your hip pocket, too.

This is why it’s important to find the RIGHT Brisbane air conditioning company. You need one that has quality systems on offer and provides professional installation and servicing to avoid problems such as energy inefficiency, high electricity bills, temperature control issues and frequent mechanical problems.

So how do you find an air conditioning Brisbane company that can help you avoid all of these problems? We’ve put together some questions to ask and information to consider when doing your research which will make your search easier and help you find a professional to suit your needs.

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