Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

All You Need To know About Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

Sshhh…can you hear that? Nothing. It’s whisper quiet. It’s ducted air conditioning. Brisbane home owners love ducted air con because it gives them control over cooling the entire house or just select rooms or zones. Brisbane ducted air conditioning will turn your house into an oasis in any weather.

Technicool Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane are the leading ducted air conditioning experts. Our experienced residential engineers specifically design Brisbane ducted air conditioning solutions for you to give the best cooling performance and maximum efficiency.

Ducted air conditioning provides a discreet, unobtrusive way to effectively cool your home by hiding the unit outside the house out of view. Conditioned dehumidified air is then pumped into your home via ducts and vents placed in the ceilings, walls or floors, wherever they are required to supply optimal airflow to the home.

Rooms (and combinations of rooms) can be divided up into zones effectively allowing you to choose which areas are cooled and which are not at any one time. This allows for cost efficient cooling of the property as you can cool living areas during the day and bedrooms at night.

Ducted zone control is a cost effective alternative to installing multiple units across a residential or commercial space. A ducted air conditioner can be utilised to heat or cool your home to your preferences, sending conditioned air to the areas you know will benefit from ducted comfort. Running expenses are a real concern for many customers; ducted zone control empowers you to regulate your own space according the unique needs of your home or business.

But getting this ultimate comfort experience isn’t as simple as buying a unit and switching it on. There’s lots of research involved to ensure you get the best system for you. You might have started by searching online for ‘Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane‘, ‘Ducted Air Con Brisbane‘ or ‘Ducted Air Conditioning Prices Brisbane‘, but now that you’ve found Technicool Air Con, give our team a call on 07 3376 2644 , so we can look after you.

What Is Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Con Brisbane – What Exactly Is It?

Ducted air conditioning normally has a unit outside and a unit in the roof that is connected to ducts. These ducts run through the ceiling and into rooms within the house.

The air is then delivered through the house by outlets in ceilings, walls and floors. Outlets in the ceiling are ideal for delivering cold air because cold air descends and, therefore, less energy is required to deliver the air. Outlets are designed in a way to specifically control the flow of the air evenly across the ceiling.

Brisbane ducted air conditioning systems are perfect for energy efficiency because the zoning function allows you to shut off cooling to unoccupied areas via a control panel, set different temperatures in different parts of the house or set different control the temperature for different parts of the day.

Types Of Ducted Air Con For Brisbane Homes

Options For Ducted Air Con Brisbane

There are three main types of ducted air conditioning systems – conventional, inverter and digital scroll.

  1. Conventional ducted air con systems – these come at a lower initial investment, which is useful if you’re on a tight budget. The negative of this type of system is that sometimes temperature control can vary and the power consumption can be a fraction higher.
  2. Inverted ducted air con systems – these are quieter than the conventional design and also use less power. They also have the ability to slow the compressor speed when there’s less need for huge cooling capacity. Because of this design aspect, they use less electricity and maintain a more balanced temperature.

Zone Controls For The Ultimate Comfort

Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane – Zone Controls For The Ultimate Comfort

Controls are commonly hard-wired and mounted on a wall, similarly to a security system. If you have a large house, you may opt for multiple controllers in different locations. Control panels will allow you to manage your zones and temperature settings either by a simple push of the button or, for the tech savvy, by Wi-Fi, smartphones or tablets. Just imagine being able to control your air conditioning from work!

Zone control allows you to control your ducted air conditioning by room or area, for instance during the day you may spend the majority of your time down stairs and you may have one side of your home that gets hotter than the other. A well-planned zone controlled system can allow you to be as economical and eco friendly as possible, whilst living in comfort. You can also sleep safe in the knowledge that your only using the energy you need.

There are lots of options for your Zone Control System, from simple push button on/off controls to individual zone temperature control systems that can be controlled via Wi-Fi and smart phone/tablet connectivity for the more tech savvy users.

Why Ducted Air Conditioning?

Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane?

Another advantage to ducted systems is that they run very quietly, almost unnoticeable. During winter they can just as effectively be used to heat your home using an energy efficient system of extracting heat from outside and ducting it into the house.

A fully personalised system can be installed into new homes as part of the plans but any home can be retrofitted with an engineer designed fully ducted system with a minimum of fuss. Talk to the team at Technicool Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane today on 07 3376 2644 , so we can answer any specific questions.

Ducted air conditioning has a number of benefits:

  • The ability to cool or heat an entire house instead of running two split-system air conditioners
  • The ability to control the temperature in each zone (or different rooms) via a control panel
  • The ability to save energy by turning off zones when they are not needed
  • Because the system is outside, ducted air conditioning is whisper quiet
  • Cold air is distributed evenly around the room via outlets, unlike split systems
  • Prevents the loss of cold air that can occur with window mounted units

Selecting A Brisbane Ducted Air Conditioning System

When it comes to selecting a system, consider your living situation and home layout.

  • Floor plan – What is your home’s floor plan like? Is your home a single level, split level or double storey home? How big are your rooms? How high are your ceilings? Which direction do the rooms face?
  • Windows and doors – How big are they? Where are they positioned?
  • House construction – Is your house weatherboard, brick veneer or timber?
  • Insulation – Is your home fully insulated?
  • Use of areas – Where do you sleep, live, cook?
  • Ceiling space – Do you have sufficient ceiling space? Will you require a slimline system for a small ceiling space?
  • Outdoor – Do you have enough space for an outdoor compressor unit? Is there somewhere where noise won’t be an issue for you or your neighbours?
  • Power supply – If you’re getting a large system, do you have a three-phase power supply? If not, this will be an extra cost.

What You Need To Know Before You Install Ducted Air Conditioning

Your Brisbane ducted air conditioning will have to work even harder if your home is not optimised for energy efficiency. This is going to cost you money and have you sweating (even though you have air con). Take the time to ensure that your home is sufficiently insulated, that it has been draught-proofed, and that there are sufficient window coverings in order to retain the cool air.

#1 Ducting

#1 Ducting – Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

Duct work is a key element of the system and needs to be thermally efficient so that air isn’t lost while travelling through the ducting. The ADMA (ducting industry association) recommends that consumers check with their ducted air conditioning installer that the ducting meets the Australian standard for ductwork, AS 4254. You can do this by checking the labels on the ducts or by getting a written statement of compliance to ensure the right quality of ducting is installed in your home.

#2 The Install

#2 The Install – Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

The install is one of the most important aspects of any Brisbane ducted air conditioning system. If it isn’t done properly homeowners can potentially see their money vanishing into thin air via the gaps left in the poorly installed vents causing energy inefficiency, high electricity bills and unbalanced cooling.

For the best result, ducted air conditioning needs to be installed by an experienced professional. The installer should be certified and experienced in installations of this nature into a wide variety of home designs and layouts.

#3 Maintenance

#3 Maintenance – Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

It’s recommended that Brisbane ducted air conditioning is maintained at least once a year by a professional to ensure its efficiency. However, ducted air conditioning systems should allow you to perform your own maintenance and cleaning. It’s always a good idea to ask what type of regular maintenance a system needs when shopping for your system, some systems may actually need a professional to change the filters instead of you being able to do it yourself.

#4 Energy Efficiency

#4 Energy Efficiency

It’s easy to think that ducted air conditioning will hike up your electricity bill substantially considering it cools your entire house. But, the fact is, ducted air conditioning is very efficient.

The efficiency of ducted air conditioning has to do with how the air is delivered. Because ducted air conditioning can be split into zones with each zone having its own temperature setting, you can essentially control the energy you use. The control panel also allows you to program the system to use less energy. For example, instead of having your system running all day while you’re at work, you can program it to run less during the day and more while you’re at home. You can also opt for it to run cooler during the day and warmer during night time or vice versa. This is something you can’t do with split systems. Also, because the delivery of the air via the outlets in the ceiling relies on gravity, it is more easily pushed through the vents instead of relying on a fan.

When looking for a ducted air conditioning system, be sure that you find a unit that is MEPS compliant and offers the best in energy efficiency. MEPS stands for ‘Minimum Energy Performance Standards’; set standards that manufacturers can use to reduce the cost of running ducted air conditioning.

Ducted Air Conditioning Prices Brisbane

If you’re considering ducted air con, once you start your research, you’ll find that ducted air conditioning Brisbane prices will vary depending on the size and type of the system. If you decide on a cooling-only model, it will cost you less than a model that heats and cools.

It’s not only the cost of installing Brisbane ducted air conditioning you need to consider, but the cost over the long term; the cost to run the system (energy bill), the cost to maintain the system (servicing) and the cost of the occasional break-down.

Running costs are mainly determined by the following:

  • The type and size of the system
  • The energy efficiency of the system
  • How long you’re operating the system
  • Your home construction (floor plan, insulation, windows, doors, weatherboard, brick etc.)
  • Your electricity tariff
  • The temperature you set your air conditioning to. Try keeping it at 24-25° C during summer and 20°C during winter.

If you want to reduce the running costs of your Brisbane ducted air conditioning, ensure you’ve closed all windows and doors while your system is running and keep the heat out (or in) by covering windows with curtains or blinds. If you know it’s going to be hot, turn the air conditioner on early in the morning as it will be easier to cool the house and vice versa for a cold day. Running costs are certainly a major consideration and the quality of the system and the skills of your installer will also have a big impact on how efficiency your ducted air con system will run. We certainly advise researching ducted air conditioning prices Brisbane wide, but also assess the skills, expertise and credibility of the company you choose, as this can have long term impacts on the overall costs of your new ducted air conditioning system.

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