Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane

Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane

All You Need To Know About Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane

It’s a popular choice for many – the split system air conditioner. Brisbane homeowners on a budget and who are only looking to cool a smaller area often opt for this versatile system. Split system air conditioners are mostly easy to install, have minimal costs and are efficient to run. Split system reverse cycle units also offer both cooling and heating functions, perfect for the varying temperatures we experience here in Brisbane.

The compressor unit of a split-system, usually smaller than a ducted system, is located in an area outside away from direct sunlight and where it is not a noise risk to neighbours. The indoor wall units have evolved over the years and come in many modern and stylish designs to suit your interior décor.

If there is ever a need to add additional wall units, split-system air conditioners are usually able to accommodate up to 6 wall units per compressor. If you’ve been searching for keywords online such as ‘Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane‘ or ‘Split System Air Conditioner Brisbane‘ and you’re not sure who to choose, talk to the amazing team at Technicool Air Conditioning today on 07 3376 2644 and we’d be delighted to help.

Different Types Of Split System Air Conditioner Brisbane

#1 Inverter Technology

#1 Inverter Technology

Inverter systems are increasingly popular because of their energy efficiencies. In comparing an inverted system to a conventional system, an inverter has the ability to vary the compressor speed while maintaining the set temperature. However, a conventional system either operates at full speed or it is off, there is no in-between. This has an obvious impact on energy efficiency and the costs associated.

#2 Cooling Only

#2 Cooling Only

There are cooling only systems on offer if you think you can bear the cold of winter. These systems do not have a heating function like a reverse-cycle system does. It’s great if you’ve got a tight budget but perhaps frustrating when your teeth are chattering and you really wish you had the heating function.

#3 Reverse Cycle

#3 Reverse Cycle

If you’re budget conscious and you don’t want to take the risk of getting through a winter without heating, consider looking at reverse cycle air conditioning units. Brisbane and Sunshine Coast weather is usually quite comfortable all year round but if you want to avoid the pain of hindsight, opt for a reverse cycle.

The good news is that reverse-cycle air conditioners have the benefit of heating and cooling in one. They are also much more energy efficient than traditional heaters, which means they help the environment and save you money.

#4 Indoor Unit Styles

#4 Indoor Unit Styles

Some brands offer various styles of indoor units depending on the look you are going for.

  • Wall mounted – the most common split system air conditioner where the indoor unit is mounted on the wall.
  • Cassette – a discreet option whereby the unit is installed in the ceiling with only the grille showing.
  • Ceiling & floor console – units which can be installed on the floor or in the ceiling
  • Multi-systems – a multi-system allows for one outdoor unit to be connected to 2, 3 or 4 indoor units. The indoor units can be wall mounted, floor/ceiling or cassette units.

Split System Air Conditioner Brisbane Sizes

Technicool Air Conditioning Brisbane has specialist sales engineers that will visit your home to determine the size of the system you require. When they carry out the assessment, they will take into account factors such as room size, windows, doors and room layout. When purchasing a split system air conditioner for your home it is essential you get the correct advice. Different size rooms and different areas of homes require different size units and will have specific installation requirements, all of which need to be considered.

Where To Buy Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane

When searching for the best dealer in split system air conditioners, Brisbane is overflowing with buying options. But are all these people authorised to sell these systems? There are a number of reasons you should only buy your air conditioner from an authorised dealer.

  • An authorised dealer has a deep understanding of the particular brand and models they’re authorised to sell
  • An authorised dealer will know what questions to ask to determine the type of air conditioner you need
  • An authorised dealer will have the knowledge to determine the right kW capacity for you
  • An authorised dealer is likely to be able to handle any warranty claims for the particular brand of air conditioner

To locate an authorised dealer, visit Look for the Tick, a website run by the Australian Refrigeration Council, an independent body appointed by the Minister for Environment and Heritage.

Split System Air Conditioning Brisbane Installation

Although Brisbane split-system air conditioners are relatively easy to install, you’ll soon lose the money you thought you were going to save by using an inexperienced and unqualified installer. Perform a quick license check at the Australian Refrigeration Council to avoid system inefficiencies, huge electricity bills, environmental impact and discomfort due to an incorrectly installed system.

Different Brands Of Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane Wide

Technicool Air Conditioning offers a variety of split system units to suit a wide variety of needs. Here we’ve included a summary of each to familiarise you on your buying journey.

#1 Fujitsu

#1 Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioner

  • Inverter Technology – Inverter technology is used
  • Energy efficiency
  • Inverter models can achieve 30% more operating efficiency than conventional models
  • Fujitsu’s designer and lifestyle range also include human sensor control to detect movement in order to maintain optimum efficiency and temperature
  • Reverse cycle wall-mounted units have an energy saving setting that allows the set temperature to change by 1°C intervals which limits the maximum energy usage. Some models even reach a 5-star energy rating
  • Comfort – The systems have the ability to maintain an optimum setting based on factors such as room temperature and the number of people in a room
  • Noise – The designer range systems offer a low noise mode for the outdoor unit which can be selected by the wireless controller
  • Models – Wall mounted units come in the Designer, Lifestyle and Classic Range and are available in Cooling only or Reverse Cycle. Split-systems also include cassette, ceiling & floor console and multi-systems

Click here to view the Fujitsu Split-System Brochure

#2 Mitsubishi Electric

#2 Mitsubishi Electric Split System Air Conditioner

  • Inverter technology – Inverter technology is used
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Mitsubishi systems offer low power consumption, particularly with their “3D i-See Sensor” function which sweeps from side-to-side to automatically monitor the floor temperature
  • The airflow speed and temperature is then adjusted to prevent overheating/cooling, thereby eliminating the consumption of excessive electricity. (FH Model only)
  • Comfort – 3D i-See Sensor
  • Noise – Improvements have been made to Mitsubishi fan blades as well as a new grille shape to the outdoor unit to ensure the system is even quieter when in low noise mode
  • Models – Wall-mounted, floor standing, ceiling cassette, ceiling sealed, multi-split system. All systems are reverse-cycle

Click here to view the Mitsubishi Split-System Brochure

#3 Daikin

#3 Daikin Split System Air Conditioner

  • Inverter technology – Inverter technology is used
  • Energy efficiency
  • Daikin units have a standby power function which reduces energy consumption when the system is not in use
  • The maximum operating current and power consumption of the outdoor unit is decreased by approximately 30% during start-up when Econo Mode is used. This is hugely beneficial when multiple air conditioners are used or when electrical devices are used at the same time
  • Power consumption can be reduced with the use of intelligent eye. This reduces power consumption when the air conditioner is operating but no activity is detected in the room
  • Comfort– Daikin’s L-Series models feature comfort airflow and 3-D airflow modes. This ensures air is circulated gently to all corners of the room and the vertical and horizontal auto-swing ensures warm or cool air is circulated throughout large spaces
  • Noise – Daikin’s L-Series models feature an exclusively designed swing compressor in the outdoor unit. This reduces friction during operation for smoother and quieter rotation as well as delivering. less vibration
  • Models – Reverse cycle wall mounted

Click here to view the Daikin Split-System Brochure

Split System Air Conditioners Brisbane – Key Takeaways

  • Request an assessment of your home or office to determine system size
  • Inverter, cooling only or reverse-cycle systems all have their pros and cons. Consider which ones are suited to your needs and budget
  • Split-systems don’t just come wall mounted. Consider whether a cassette, ceiling and floor console or multi-system will better suit your needs
  • Different brands offer different features. Take the time to compare the brands and read the brochures to ensure you purchase a brand of split-system air conditioner that best suits your needs

If you’ve decided on a split system air conditioner Brisbane solution, Technicool Air Conditioning would love to help you with the next step. Contact us today and we’ll answer any questions you might have or call us on 07 3376 2644 , so you get the best possible solution.