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Ideal Sleeping Temperature for Infants – Does my nursery need AC?

Pediatricians consider the ideal sleeping temperature for newborn babies at around 18 degrees – cooler than many expect.

Most doctors agree that is much safer for newborn babies and young infants to sleep in a climate controlled environment. This is especially important in places like Queensland where during summer months temperatures can be oppressive, and getting a good restful night’s sleep can be difficult.

Speaking of a good nights sleep, the right climate that assists with a good sleep for infants is also in the interests of parents. After all, a good sleep for them will translate into a good sleep for you! The air conditioning installation experts here at H&H Air Conditioning explain how to best use an air conditioner in a nursery environment, and share some other tips to create the best indoor sleeping environment for babies and infants.

Why is air conditioning in a nursery beneficial?

Young infants can be particularly prone to overheating since they can’t adjust their body temperature in the same way that adults can. This reduced heat regulation makes them more susceptible to heat rash, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. Some paediatricians have agreed that an air conditioned bedroom can reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Sydrome)

Ideal Temperature and Positioning of AC Unit

It’s important that the temperature is not too cold for young infants but heating is rarely necessary for young babies. Often parents worry that their baby might be too cold, instead of the opposite being true. With that being said, it’s important to have a temperature set between 16-20 degrees.  The ideal is 18 degrees, and while this is cooler than most parents would think is the optimum temperature.

It’s also important that the air conditioning unit is positioned in a way that is does not blow directly on the cot, ideally positioning split system to the left or right on the cot instead of facing on the opposite wall.

Tips from Paediatricians

– Dress you baby in lightweight cotton clothing and tuck a blanket below the elbows to avoid covering the face.

– Keep skin moisturised in the air conditioning seems to be drying the skin

– Avoid taking a child from an air conditioning room outside or to another area where there is sudden change in temperature. Open the window or turn of the AC to let your infant slowly adjust to the ambient temperature.

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