Tips On How To Clean Out Your Ducted Air Conditioning Vents

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Tips On How To Clean Out Your Ducted Air Conditioning Vents

Ducted air conditioning is a hot favourite among home owners! A lot of its appeal stems from the ability to heat or cool your entire home through a collection of unobtrusive ducts in each room of the house.

If you decide to have ducted air conditioning vents installed, it is really important that you understand the maintenance required to ensure they keep running efficiently for the long term!

Is your ducted air conditioning a health hazard?

Do you know what’s lurking in your air ducts?

Like everything else in your home, ducted air conditioning systems are not immune to being layered with dust, both internally and externally. Over time, tiny particles of household detritus like pet hair, flakes of dead skin, dirt and a host of other pollutants will start to creep in and combine with the dust. This creates a matted combination of allergy-inducing particles that are blasted into the air.

Are you shuddering at the thought? It gets worse. Rodents often make their way in behind the vents, leaving behind a trail of urine and faeces deposits to linger on the slats.

The result? A bacteria laden breeding ground that is perfect for dust mites, mould and allergens to thrive. Not exactly what you want to be pouring out of the system that is heating and cooling your home, right?!

There is good news! Regular maintenance and cleaning can avoid the build-up of pollutants and ensure the smooth operation of your ducted air conditioning system.

Signs that your ducted air conditioning vents need to be cleaned

Just like other electrical devices, regular maintenance is recommended for ducted air conditioners. Changing the air filters regularly is an important part of maintenance. Some systems have an option to do this yourself, and others will require a professional to service it. A full service by a technician is recommended annually for optimal performance.

While the air filters take care of the majority of pollutants in your ducted air conditioning unit, there are certain areas that will require additional cleaning. The air ducts are one of them, which is why it is important to check your ducts regularly for signs they may need a clean.

It is a good idea to give your vents periodic cleans twice yearly. You can also inspect the following to get an idea of when your ducts are due for some TLC.

  • Inspect the inside of your vent cover for dirt, dust build-up and other debris.
  • Check the filter. A dirty filter is going to blow out polluted air directly onto the vents.
  • Check the quality and quantity of air being expelled. If your vents are really dirt laden, they will affect the efficiency of your machine with decreased air flow.
  • Keep an eye out for visible dust blowing out of the ducts when you initially start up your air conditioning unit.

Cleaning the vents on your ducted air conditioning

If your vents are looking more grimy than shiny, don’t despair. Follow the tips below for cleaning your ducted air vents.

  1. Turn off the air conditioning unit.
  2. Using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, remove as much of the dirt, dust and other debris that you can. For ceiling vents, a duster with an extension pole will do the trick. Be careful to cover your face and hair before you begin!
  3. Get a damp cloth and wipe off any remaining mould and dust.

Following these simple steps every few months will leave you breathing easy in the knowledge that your vents are not hiding any nasty surprises. 

The dirty truth – why maintaining your vents is SO important

No one wants to be breathing in dirty air; asthmatics in particular are likely to react to the allergens produced over a dirty build up in ducts. But it’s not just health reasons (or the gross out factor) that should send you running for the cleaning cupboard. Your hip pocket may feel the effects of dirty vents too!

The build-up of dirt, dust and debris in your ducted air conditioning system will restrict the efficiency of its heating and cooling systems. Aside from putting undue pressure on your machine, it will also increase the run time. Extra running time will wear out your system more quickly.

All that extra energy and fuel required will be reflected on the electricity bill; a surprise no one wants to see.

A professional ducted air conditioning vent clean

Just like a car needs servicing, so too does your air conditioner. In addition to regular home cleaning, it is important to maintain your ducted air conditioning system with regular servicing from a professional. This way you can rectify any potential issues BEFORE they become a bigger problem.

Ducted air conditioning units are a much valued and utilised household item that is often used all year round. For this reason, they need regular care to perform optimally and efficiently. The team at H&H Air Conditioning offers an annual maintenance plan for homeowners who want to employ the services of an air conditioning specialist to ensure the long term care of their ducted air conditioning units.

If you want your air conditioner to be a lasting investment, but don’t have the time, knowledge or equipment to service it yourself, let the experts give it the care it requires.

To book a service or annual maintenance plan for your ducted air conditioning unit, or for more information on cleaning the ducted air conditioning vents, contact H&H Air conditioning on (07) 3276 1800. Our expert staff are ready to help with all your ducted air conditioning needs.

Need help with cleaning ducted air conditioning vents? Talk to the experts at H&H Air Conditioning for friendly advice today.