5 Benefits of Installing Ducted Air Conditioning In Your Home

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5 Benefits of Installing Ducted Air Conditioning In Your Home

5 Benefits Of Installing Ducted Air Conditioning in Your Home

Sweated your way through one hot summer too many? Installing air conditioning probably tops your ‘to do’ list right now. It’s easy to get confused by the endless options on the market. Most confusing of all is choosing between ducted and split air conditioning systems. It doesn’t have to be an ordeal.

Here are 5 reasons why installing ducted air conditioning in your home will be the best decision you’ve ever made!

1. Consistently cool throughout your whole home

If you opt for a split system, you’ll only be able to cool the room or zone in which the system’s installed. That means closing off that area to maximise the unit’s effectiveness. Obviously, that can cause problems if your home is configured to suit open plan living. You must opt for a more expensive and more powerful unit to cool bigger zones. Because it’s impractical and costly to install a split system in every single room, you’ll have to be selective about which rooms or zones you cool.

Unlike split system air conditioning, ducted air conditioning gives you the ability to cool your whole house at the touch of a button. The central unit is positioned out of sight, often in the roof. Refrigerated air is pumped through a system of ducts to vents. For you, that translates to greater freedom throughout your home without having to open and close doors behind you as you go. Ducted air conditioning’s far more conducive to whole-of-house entertaining, too. You’re not shutting off areas just to keep the temperature down. Ducted air conditioning means being able to lower the temperature discreetly without an unpleasant icy blast at head height.

2. Why ducted air conditioning is cheaper than you might think

Yes, the initial outlay’s higher if you install ducted air conditioning as opposed to a split system. However, the reality is that installing ducted air conditioning can save you money in the long run.

For starters, if you opt for multiple split systems throughout your home, you’ll have to pay installation costs for each system. Then you’ll need to factor in servicing and maintenance costs for each separate unit. It all adds up. The more air conditioners you have, the higher your chances of a breakdown when you need your air conditioner the most, particularly if you neglect to get your split systems maintained regularly.

If you’re worried about unnecessarily cooling rooms that you’re not actively using, ducted air conditioning offers the perfect solution. If you install a ducted air conditioning system that’s capable of being ‘zoned’, you can easily shut off cooling where you don’t need it. For example, a correctly zoned ducted system allows you to cool the bedrooms overnight and the living areas during the day. That can mean great savings over time.

Ducted air conditioners are not required to display an energy efficiency star rating like other types of air conditioners. All ducted air conditioners in Australia must now comply with Minimum Energy Performance Standards, which is a guarantee of efficiency. Labelling and product information is readily accessible, so you can also compare the energy efficiency of different ducted air conditioners. Your air conditioning installer can guide you through the process. That way you can choose the most energy efficient option for your floorplan and lifestyle needs.

3. A cooling system that dovetails perfectly with your lifestyle

With a ducted air conditioning system, you’ve got the benefit of a wide range of options designed to fit your lifestyle. Most ducted systems offer timer settings that allow you to pre-program your air conditioner to come on at a pre-determined time. More sophisticated ducted systems also boast wi-fi connectivity, allowing you to fully automate your cooling system and operate it remotely from your smart phone or device.

When you’re installing ducted air conditioning, you’ll also have the option of using your air conditioner as an efficient heater when temperatures dip over the winter months. Reverse-cycle ducted air conditioning allows you to heat your home without the additional costs and hassle associated with installing a separate heating system.

4. When it’s all about the aesthetics, ducted wins hands-down

Your home is an outward expression of who you are as a person. With a ducted air conditioner, there’s more space to express your individual sense of style. That’s because a ducted air conditioning system is far less visually intrusive than a split or multi-split system.

The main cooling unit is normally located in the roof void and the cooled air is fed to vents in your rooms via a series of concealed ducts. Like an iceberg, only the smallest fraction of a ducted air conditioning system remains visible: the controller, return and the ceiling vents. That means you’re free to style each room as you please. You won’t have to sacrifice your valuable wall space to a bulky wall-mounted unit.

5. How installing ducted air conditioning increases your property value

Installing ducted air conditioning makes good financial sense if you’ve got plans to eventually put your home on the market. Ducted air conditioning’s more affordable than ever but it’s still regarded by many as a high-end or luxury item. For that reason, ducted air conditioning makes your property a more attractive option than a comparable property without it. That’s especially the case in south-east Queensland where the combination of temperature and humidity means that other cooling systems such as evaporative cooling simply aren’t an option and discerning buyers are well placed to demand, and get, the very best. And that’s exactly what you get from installing ducted air conditioning.

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