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Air Conditioner Sunshine Coast? Choosing The Right Unit For The Job

At Technicool Air Conditioners Sunshine Coast, we love new technology. We pride ourselves on being an authority on air conditioners. Sunshine Coast residents can rely on our expertise, professionalism and ability to match their unique specifications with either a split or ducted air conditioning unit.

Cold, hot, cold, hot, the seasons never stop breaking new extremes. The Sunshine Coast attracts some of the best beach weather in the country – they know, we know it and carloads of tourists know it – but what about the people who live here? Open windows, ice cubes, blanket-free beds, hot water bottles, uggs, bed socks and thick blankets – how much do you spend on accessorising your home and body every season to ensure your comfort? It may be time for an air conditioner as Sunshine Coast weather can drive most of us to distraction.

Air conditioning is one of those industries where a proven history and customer support mean more than the dollar signs attached to the product – this person is going to come into your home, install a device and ensure its working efficiently and comfortably. Technicool Air Conditioners Sunshine Coast have been providing customer concentrated services to customers on the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland for over ten years. If you’ve been doing web searches for ‘Air Conditioners Sunshine Coast‘, ‘Air Conditioner Sunshine Coast‘, ‘Air Conditioning Units Sunshine Coast‘ or ‘Air Conditioning Sales Sunshine Coast‘ and you’re not sure where to buy your air conditioner or who to talk to, start with the amazing team at Technicool Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast!

Don’t be swept away by false promises, too-good-to-be-true deals and mass-produced customer service. Every customer has very different needs; why accept anything less than the best? Technicool offer an extensive range of air conditioning solutions, expert insight and maintenance service. Call us today or fill in our contact form – the Sunshine Coast is just too good not to enjoy it at it’s best!

Advice From The Best Air Conditioning Sales Sunshine Coast Team

The Sunshine Coast is blessed with fantastic weather, great beaches and parks. But come summer time, often the favourite thing for coast residents to do is chill out in front of their air conditioners. The Sunshine Coast has a plethora of air conditioner dealers selling various types of air conditioning units promising to do wonderful things for comfort levels, but buying the best air conditioner takes some basic knowledge and research to ensure you purchase the best system for your needs. At Technicool we pride ourselves on having the best air conditioning sales Sunshine Coast team, so we can take the time to understand your needs and find the perfect solution for your home or office. To get you started, we have addressed some common questions that will help you on your search for a new air conditioning unit.

What Are The Different Types Of Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Units?

#1 Split System Air Conditioners

#1 Split System Air Conditioners Sunshine Coast

Split-systems have an outdoor compressor and the air conditioner is located on the wall inside. It is possible to have more than one of these wall units connected to the single outdoor unit. Refrigerant passes between the two units via pipes, the wall unit inside blows cool air while the outdoor compressor sucks out the heat from the cooled area.
Split-systems are perfect for anyone wanting something that’s relatively easy to install. For those with a small budget in terms of installation and long term use and those who only need to cool/heat a small area, these are ideal. On the other hand, if you decide you want to cool your entire home down the track, the split-system can only link up to a maximum of 6 units per compressor. Running costs are considerably lower but remember this is often because the unit is cooling less space.

#2 Inverter Air Conditioners

#2 Inverter Air Conditioning Units Sunshine Coast

When looking for an air conditioner, Sunshine Coast retailers are likely to stock inverter systems. Inverters are becoming widely popular and are very clever. An inverter system has the ability to vary the compressor speed at the same time as maintaining the set temperature. A conventional system compressor either runs at full speed or is off. This means an inverter is much more energy efficient and costs much less to run.

#3 Cooling Only Air Conditioners

#3 Cooling Only Air Conditioners Sunshine Coast

If you think you can deal without heating during the winter living on the Sunshine Coast, perhaps a cooling only air conditioner is the way to go. Cooling only air conditioners do not have a heating function. This is great if you’ve got a tight budget and if you’re happy to ride out a Sunshine Coast winter without heating.

#4 Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

#4 Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Sunshine Coast

If you’re budget conscious and you don’t want to take the risk of getting through a winter without heating, consider looking at reverse cycle air conditioning units. Sunshine Coast weather is usually quite comfortable all year round but if you want to avoid the pain of hindsight, opt for reverse cycle.
The good news is that reverse cycle air conditioners have the benefit of heating and cooling in one and are much more energy efficient than traditional heaters and end up helping the environment and saving you money.

#5 Ducted Air Conditioners

#5 Ducted Air Conditioners Sunshine Coast

Ducted systems allow for the entire home to be cooled and/or heated via ductwork that transports the air through the ceiling. Ducted systems have two units, one compressor unit located outside the house and one located in the ceiling. Each room usually has one vent to which a duct is connected. In some instances you can have two ducts and two outlets in larger rooms. One of the best things about ducted air conditioning is that it is extremely quiet.
A control panel is the means by which a ducted system is operated and gives the homeowner entire control over the system. It is via this control panel that temperatures can be selected and where you can zone different parts of the house. Zoning allows you to cool/heat as many or as few rooms as you like. This also allows for greater energy efficiency. As with split-systems, ducted also comes in cooling only or reverse cycle.
Although ducted air conditioning has a much higher initial price tag and the chance that you may need to make some changes to your home to ensure maximum efficiency, the pros well over take the cons.

Air Conditioner Sunshine Coast Choices – Ducted Or Split Air Conditioners? How Do I Choose?

If you’re still not sure whether to go for ducted or split-system, ask yourself these two questions.

  • Does your budget allow for ducted air conditioning and do you wish to cool a larger area? If yes, go for ducted.
  • Do you only need to cool one or two rooms or you don’t want to invest in a ducted system? If yes, go for split-system.

Ultimately, if your budget allows for ducted its benefits outweigh any of the other system types, although split-systems do offer a great alternative, normally at a lower budget.

Air Conditioning Sales Sunshine Coast – Deciding Which Features Are Important To You

Now that you’ve decided on the type of system, it’s time to look at some specific features that will help you decide on the brand and model you purchase.

  • Fan speed – Look for a unit that has a wide airflow range and multiple fan speeds.
  • Operating modes – Check that the model includes auto, cool, heat, dry and fan only.
  • Sensor – Check if the model has a sensor that detects whether someone is in the room so that the unit knows to keep working. This is handy if you’re not in the room all the time and can save energy.
  • Remote control and control panels – Look for a model with a remote control that is easy to read. It should have clear buttons and a large LCD screen. You can even get air conditioners that are controlled via WiFi and smartphone apps if you’re someone who likes to work with new technology.
  • Sleep mode – This mode allows you to set the air conditioner so that it adjusts the temperature to comfortable levels while you’re sleeping and so it’s not working so hard. It also helps to keep the system nice and quiet.
  • Adjustable louvres – If you want to direct the air flow, check that the system has adjustable and oscillating louvres.
  • Restart delay – Does the system have a function whereby it is prevented from starting up again too soon after being switched off?
  • Noise – All residential air conditioners sold in Queensland (up to 12Kw) are required by law to be labelled with the Sound Power Level (Lw), which is measured in decibels (dB). Check the label on the air conditioner to see how much noise the unit will make. The higher the sound power level, the louder the air conditioning unit will be.
  • Star Rating – Buy an air conditioner with the best cooling capacity for your space and one with the best Energy Star rating. Learn more about Energy Star ratings on appliances here.

Air Conditioner Sunshine Coast – How To Determine The Appropriate Size

It is a common misconception that a large Sunshine Coast air conditioning unit will cool a small space more efficiently. A system that is too powerful is likely to run for shorter periods to reach temperature and then it will stop. The outcome is a less than comfortable room, high electricity bill and early breakdown. On the other hand, a system that is much too small will struggle to cool a room. A system that has to work harder will use more energy and have a short lifespan.

To avoid the pitfalls of the wrong size system, The Australian Institute of Refrigeration and Heating (AIRAH) has a handy calculator that can help you to determine the total cooling requirement in kilowatts (kW). But don’t just rely on this calculator. While visiting dealers and speaking with air conditioning sales people, Sunshine Coast homeowners should request professional guidance on system size. Professional dealers should offer onsite installation assessments at which an experienced professional will investigate and measure the following factors to determine ideal system size:

  • Room size
  • Ceiling height
  • Insulation
  • Orientation of windows and doors
  • Sunlight (especially direct sunlight)
  • Draughts

Where To Buy Your Sunshine Coast Air Conditioner

An authorised dealer is always your safest port of call when seeking out a professional in air conditioning sales on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast air conditioning sales representatives with the appropriate authorisation and experience can be found by searching at Look for the Tick, a website run by the Australian Refrigeration Council, an independent body appointed by the Minister for Environment and Heritage. Yes, you’ve guessed it, Technicool Air Conditioners Sunshine Coast is certainly on the list. What’s more we’re a preferred dealer for Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric, Polyaire and Daikin, so we can offer you a wide choice from the best brands.

Why Should You Use An Authorised Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Sales Dealer?

  • An authorised dealer will know what process to take in determining the type of air conditioner you need.
  • An authorised dealer will be knowledgeable in determining the correct kW capacity for your system.
  • An authorised dealer will have staff that are properly qualified to perform assessments and installations.

Who Should Install Your Air Conditioner?

When it comes time to Sunshine Coast air conditioning installation homeowners should always use fully qualified installers. If you use an unqualified installer, you risk safety, the environment and comfort. What’s more, your electricity bill is likely to skyrocket. You can perform a license check at the Australian Refrigeration Council by clicking here.

If you’re looking for an authorised dealer and qualified installer to answer your air conditioner questions, contact us at Technicool Air Conditioners Sunshine Coast today.