The importance of sizing your air conditioning

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The importance of sizing your air conditioning

Sizing your air conditioning system is a very important part to ensure comfort and energy efficient homes and office. Many only measure just the square metre; however this shouldn’t be the only type of measurement when it comes to installing a unit. Square metre is an important indicator of the amount of cooling and heating a home needs, however not all homes are the same and for this reason there are other indicators that are necessary for sizing an air conditioner.


A home with good insulation will have a helpful heat barrier and it won’t lose cooled or heated air. However the amount of heat transfer gained or lost is dependent on the type and location of the insulation.

Regional Climate

Every region has its unique climate, and this should be taken into consideration when conducting the sizing calculation. A home in Brisbane will be exposed to a different climate than a home in Sunshine Coast.

Heat Gain

The size of windows, and rooms also influence the amount of heat generated in a home. If there are a lot of windows or rooms and the size of them are big, the heat entering the house will be different than one of small rooms or windows. For this reason the cooling-system sizing calculation should be taken into account.

Home Design

The home design also plays a role when it comes to properly sizing. For example two stories homes or rooms with high ceilings require different air conditioning than lowset homes.

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