Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance: Essential Tips From The Experts

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Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance: Essential Tips From The Experts

Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance: Essential Tips From The Experts

It’s one of the hardest working members of your home – but how much love do you give it in return? Make sure you’ve got the facts when it comes to ducted air conditioning maintenance.

Protecting your home and its assets

The presence of ducted air conditioning turns a house into a home. It allows you to make the most of the space that you’ve got while ensuring your family is cool and comfortable. The ability to have control over what parts of your house are kept warm or cool also means you have a greater capacity to control your electricity bill. But these are complex systems that require care – something many people don’t realise.

If you don’t take appropriate care of your ducted air conditioning, maintenance will become complicated and expensive. Your energy consumption bills will go up and the air cycling throughout your home could become contaminated. A minor problem can snowball until not only are you out of pocket but your system is out of action. You need to avoid bill shock – but how?

Regular, professional maintenance can ensure that your system, your family and your hard-earned cash are safe.

Tips from the experts

What do you need to do to make sure that your ducted air conditioning stays in perfect condition?

#1 Annual professional inspections

Establishing an Annual Maintenance Plan will allow you to ‘set and forget’ when it comes to looking after your system. Organise a yearly visit from your air con experts to inspect your unit, make recommendations and to test air quality. Any problems will be picked up sooner rather than later – good for the environment and good for your hip pocket.

Your annual service may include:

  • Checking your unit’s performance against manufacturer standards
  • Ensuring that a high-quality installation is being maintained and cared for
  • Testing for the presence of any leaks or ill-working seals
  • Testing of the functionality of the thermostat
  • Taking measures against electrical faults, wear and tear and less than optimum air flow
  • Checking for any unsightly or unhealthy mould development.

#2 Know your product

Do you know how to change your filters? Do you know how to clean them? It’s up to you as the homeowner to make sure that your investment in this state-of-the-art cooling and heating technology is in safe hands. Governing bodies recommend that system owners take the time to make these checks themselves twice a year in order to ensure ongoing performance.

If you’re installing a new air con system, be sure that you’ve shopped around all the options for one that’s economical and easy to maintain. If you have just moved into a house with ducted air conditioning, don’t be afraid to ask the previous owners for the manual!

This will also give you the opportunity to cast an eye over things yourself. If you find something that doesn’t look right, you’ll be able to quickly contact the experts to come in and have a look. Much better than leaving it for another year before the next service!

#3 Regularly clean your system

A key part of ducted air conditioning maintenance is a regular cleaning system carried out dutifully. This will involve the following:

  • Looking for dirty build up on the inside of your vent covers
  • Examining the filter and cleaning it if necessary (using warm water with a small amount of natural detergent and then drying with a soft cloth)
  • Looking for visible dust puffing out of the vents upon system start up.

We’ve already drawn up a great step-by-step guide to ducted air conditioner cleaning. It’s easier and less time consuming than you’d think! Have you seen it?

#4 Check your usage

Are you and your family setting your system to a sensible, manageable temperature? Have you tried pre-cooling? This is a particularly great idea in the at times harsh Brisbane climate. If you know a hot run of days is coming up you can cool your home the night before, leaving a residual coolness throughout the house that won’t require you cranking the system.

#5 Teach your family

One of the biggest issues we have when it comes to maintenance and repair is accidental damage. Make sure your kids know how to care for and maintain the system. It’s easy to take for granted when it’s working well but make sure that they’re on board when it comes to protecting this vital investment. Why not consider a ‘drill’ – much like practising for a fire? Show your family the workings of your air con system, and discuss maintenance and what do it if you have a problem.

Where to now?

Now’s the time to make a plan when it comes to ducted air conditioning maintenance. You don’t want to wait until the middle of a Queensland summer to start treating your system right – start today!

  1. Make contact with H&H Air Conditioning to arrange your first of many annual service appointments.
  2. Based on their professional and friendly advice, make necessary adjustments to the way you are caring for your unit.
  3. Commit to regular, thorough cleaning and inspections.
  4. Familiarise yourself and your family with the manual and how to carefully maintain a well-run system.
  5. Prepare yourself, and your home, for inclement weather seasons. Invest in the practice of pre-cooling over summer and consider a similar practice for the cooler months.
  6. Take notice of your most recent energy bills and make a plan in terms of your consumption. Is there a way that you can be using your system better and more efficiently?

The need for regular maintenance – your home, your responsibility

A well-running ducted air conditioning system is truly a thing of beauty. It’s a way to celebrate and be proud of your home and all that you’ve achieved. Your family’s comfort and enjoyment are at stake – don’t short change them by failing to look after something so important.

Whether you’re entertaining, working from home, studying, or simply relaxing, your ducted air con keeps you and your family happy and comfortable. An overheated room can make for overheated temperaments!

Don’t let your household down. Insist on regular, professional ducted air conditioning maintenance from the experts!

Need help or advice about ducted air conditioning maintenance? Contact the team at H & H Air Conditioning today!