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Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Guide – Part 1

Common Problems with your AC and the solutions

Air conditioners are a complex piece of engineering, and this means that there can be many reasons when they may not operate as intended or worse – not at all. But before you call the air conditioning repair specialists in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast at H&H Air Conditioning for a system that doesn’t seem to be operating at its peak, we’ve put together a few common problems and their solutions in part 1 of our handy guide. ISSUE

#1: My Air Conditioner is not blowing cold air


•    Set the temperature (thermostat) to a lower temperature than the ambient temp.

•    Filter is dirty and needs cleaning or replacing. Here is our guide to cleaning air conditioning filters.

•    System is set to fan or heating mode. Use system’s auto mode to blow correct air suited for the season.

•    Low refrigerant pressure or not enough refrigerant. Call a refrigeration and air conditioning professional.

•    Outside condenser unit is dirty. Remove debris caught in fins and weeds and clutter obstructing the outside unit.

ISSUE#2: The Air Conditioner struggles to cool the home, despite high use.


•    Leaks in ductwork.

•    Are windows or doors being left open in the area you desire to be cooled?

•    Outdoor unit is not positioned in best place to receive maximum air flow.

•    System has the wrong capacity for the space you need cooled.

ISSUE# 3: System won’t turn on at all – and there are no lights on the system


•    System is not plugged in at the power outlet

•    Batteries in the remote need changing

•    Power switch is not turned on at the unit

•    Circuit breaker has tripped. Reset at main switchboard to test operation.

•    Internal fault that needs to be inspected.

Stay tuned to our tips and advice page for more troubleshooting solutions to your common air conditioning problems coming soon from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast’s leading air conditioning repair and servicing team – H&H Air Conditioning. Contact us for all your troubleshooting questions today on (07) 3276 1800 for our Brisbane team and (07) 5477 1777 for our Sunshine Coast operation.