5 Things NOT to do with Your Air Conditioner

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5 Things NOT to do with Your Air Conditioner


5 Things NOT to do with Your Air Conditioner

Using an air conditioner can be a life saver, but the way you use your air conditioner can also determine how the system runs, how high your energy bill will be, and how much maintenance your AC system will need in the future. Of the more than 9 million air conditioning units in Australia, experts have recently said that many people are unnecessarily throwing money away by not using them properly.

The H&H Air Conditioning team know air conditioners – and just as importantly, know what not to do when it comes to an using an air conditioning unit. That’s why we explain some bad practices to avoid when it comes to a household AC system in this post. 

1.     Set and Forget.

An air conditioner should be used when you need it most – not left running for the sake of it. It’s a myth that it’s better to leave your AC running when you are out than switch it on and off again. If you’re not in the room, or not at home, don’t leave your AC running.

2.     Place appliances near the AC system.

Televisions, stereos, stovetops and ovens should not be placed within close distance to your air conditioning unit. This will make your AC system work harder than it needs to. Avoid putting anything that emits heat near the air conditioning unit.

3.     Let Debris and Vegetation Take Over.

The outdoor unit of an air conditioner should be kept clear at all times and condenser fins (the metal grill that houses the AC components) regularly brushed. If leaves, dirt and other vegetation are encroaching around the outdoor unit regularly it could be worth installing an outdoor screen around the outdoor unit. Additionally if the outdoor system is shaded, it can operate more efficiently on hot days.

4.     Forget to Clean the Filter.

Cleaning your air conditioner filter is a 10 minute job, but it’s one that so many air conditioner owners never do. A dirty filter compromises the effectiveness of a system and can reduce the air quality in the home. It can even cause your air conditioner to consume more energy as air flow is trapped.  We explain how to clean split system filters here.

5.     Setting the thermostat below 20

Some people might be tempted to set their thermostat to a chilly 18 degrees when they enter a hot room in hope that it will cool the area faster. The reality is that this will not cool the room any quicker than if the system was set to comfortable 23 or 24 degrees. The same time is needed to extract the hot air and condition new air from outside no matter what temperature the thermostat is set to. Setting your thermostat at a colder temperature will only make your system work harder to maintain that temperature. The rule is that colder you set your thermostat, the higher the energy bill will be.

Buying an air conditioner unit will mean some maintenance is required on the part of the owner – this is best scheduled during the winter period where there will be less reliance on the system. H&H Air Conditioning are your air conditioning maintenance and repair specialists in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

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