Filters: The Lungs of Your Air Conditioning System

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Filters: The Lungs of Your Air Conditioning System


How to clean split system filter

How to clean split system air conditioning filters

When was the last time your inspected the health of your air conditioning system?

We’re guessing it’s probably been a long time. Here at H&H Air Conditioning we know better than anyone that many people unfortunately neglect to inspect their filters, sacrificing the quality of their air, and adding to their running costs in the process.

The good news is that inspecting and cleaning/replacing your filter in your air conditioning unit is not a difficult task, and the benefits of doing this every few months – especially in the lead up to the summer – will be numerous. These include extending the life of your system, improved air quality and increased efficiency. As the specialists in air conditioning servicing in Brisbane, H&H explain how to clean washable mesh filters for split system units in our latest article.


1.    Firstly, make sure power to the unit is turned off.

2.    Lift cover on the front of the air conditioning unit (external casing) then pull the filter out. Check to see the specific requirements for your model.

3.    Once you’ve removed the air filter, it’s a good idea to check for any tears or holes in the mesh. If there is significant damage, you’ll need a replacement filter from H&H Air Conditioning.

4.    Getting out the vacuum cleaner, suck away any loose dust, cobwebs and other grime.

5.    Submerge the filter in a bath tub or large basin full of warm water for several minutes. Move the filter around in the water to dislodge any material stuck to the mesh surface.

6.    Drain water and then refill basin or tub with a solution of warm water and vinegar – mixed in equal proportions.

7.    Leave for about 5 minutes and remove from tub. Leave to dry before placing back in AC unit.

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