Traps to avoid when installing your air conditioning

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Traps to avoid when installing your air conditioning

It certainly does pay to call upon a local professional when you are in the market for an air conditioner in Brisbane.  Whilst the process to purchase and install a unit may appear to be relatively straightforward, incorrect decisions may result in a costly outcome. Air conditioning installation advice is priceless when it comes to avoiding unnecessary traps and mistakes.  Let’s take a look at the most common installation errors so that you can ensure you avoid them when shopping for your cooling solution.

 Traps to avoid when installing your air conditioning
Air Conditioning Installation

Forgetting to plan for air conditioning ahead

Whilst it may only dawn on you that an air conditioner is a must have item in the peak of summer, you’ll find that department and specialty stores won’t necessarily have units on sale and because installation services are that much more in demand at this time, it can result in lengthy delays and premium prices. Plan ahead and you’ll save.


Incorrect positioning of your air conditioner

Believe it or not, where your air conditioner is positioned will have an enormous impact on the way it cools your home and the ultimate energy costs associated with it.  For design reasons, you may prefer to tuck it away out of sight however incorrect placement may cause it to work harder and more inefficiently.

Not only should outdoor units be kept out of direct sunlight, but they also should be in a well-ventilated area free from nearby shrubs. A unit that overheats needs to work harder to keep a home cool so give it space and you’ll be helping it to work more efficiently.


Purchasing the wrong kind of air conditioning unit

If you thought that a larger air conditioning unit is the only way to produce long lasting cool air, you’d be wrong.  A unit that is too large for the space that it needs to cool will repeatedly switch on and off whilst it continues to reflect temperature changes and as a result, can prematurely show signs of wear and tear.  In addition, it may have the opposite effect on your power bill.

In contrast, an air conditioning unit that is too small could cause just as many problems whilst it struggles to keep your home cool and overworks.  At each extreme you may find yourself facing a whole host of unexpected problems.  Seeking expert advice before you buy means you’ll not only purchase a unit that suits your home requirements but also takes into consideration sunlight and any other features your home may have fitted which can impact on the temperature.


Opting for an inferior brand to save money

Have you ever browsed the local magazines and spotted a deal that seems too good to be true?  Buying an air conditioner at rock bottom prices may seem like a great idea at the time but you may find that it lacks many of the features you need and most importantly it may not have a good energy efficiency rating.

An inexpensive item baring a band name you are unfamiliar with may result in unexpected long-term costs when it comes to maintaining it and worse still it may only have a short life span.


Incorrect positioning of the thermostat

An air conditioner’s thermostat is designed to let the unit know the temperature in the home and helps to regular its use.  Incorrect placement of it can cause the machine to be delivered improper readings.  It is essential that the thermostat be kept well away from lights that generate heat and kitchen appliances where temperatures fluctuate.

If the unit believes the house is hotter than it really is, it will continue to work overtime in a bid to cool the temperature, which can increase your energy bills and result in unpleasant conditions.


Avoid hiring the wrong installation company

Even the most trusted brand of air conditioning unit can have unexpected troubles so it pays to hire a trusted and reliable installation company that is local.  Whether you need to organise an annual maintenance service or are seeking help when it breaks down on a 40C day, knowing you can rely on a company that’s just around the corner is comforting.

Don’t forget too that experience is everything when it comes to installing air conditioning units.  They are complicated machines that clearly can be positioned incorrectly or installed wrong and the result will be a huge dent in your pocket.

If you are seeking a licensed and experienced air conditioning installation team in Brisbane, don’t look further than H&H Air Conditioning. With the skills and know how, they will install your system with such tremendous ease, offer you a regular maintenance service and be available on call when ever you spot an emerging issue or hear a strange sound that requires attention.

An air conditioner can be a significant expense and therefore it is important that you not only choose a unit that perfectly suits your home but that it is installed by a team you can trust.  It’s easy to avoid these common issues and when you do, you’ll save money and be confident that your unit will continue to provide cool comfortable conditions to your family when you need it most.

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