Tips from professional air conditioning installers

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Tips from professional air conditioning installers

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Keeping cool in 2013

We are air conditioning installers on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We are not just keeping you cool, we are helping you save your money with some energy saving tips. Read on to learn a few simple to follow money saving steps.

Did you know that cooling, heating and ventilation typically account for 40 -50% of the energy costs for commercial buildings and businesses? That’s a lot right? Here are some tips to help bring those costs down this summer. Queensland is a hot place and we all need to use our air conditioning so here are some ways to use it more efficiently.

Stay in the range

Australian energy companies typically recommend that you keep room temperature at 24-25 degrees Celsius in summer, and 18 -20 degrees Celsius in winter.

If you have ceiling fans, use them.

Using ceiling fans can reduce the need for air conditioning and can actually make a temperature of 3-5 degrees higher very comfortable. This is because the ceiling fans are moving the cool air around.

Remember to flip the switch.

It seems a little obvious, but do remember to switch your system off when the building is empty. Especially on weekends and overnight. Make it someone’s responsibility to flip the switch!

Keep things shut.

Make sure the windows are closed, and that doors to unused areas are kept shut. There is little point cooling a room for no one!

Maintenance saves you money!

The filters of your system need to be cleaned and maintained. This will ensure efficiency which saves your pennies. If you would like us to take care of that just give us a call. You can reach us in Brisbane on (07) 3276 1800, and at the Sunshine Coast on (07) 5477 1777.

These are some really simple things that can really save your business money. Hey, every penny counts right? We are expert air conditioning installers based on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane. We install for commercial and residential, and we provide maintenance services for your convenience. If you need any advice or have any air con questions, contact us, we are very friendly!

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