Three signs your air conditioning needs repairing

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Three signs your air conditioning needs repairing

Problems with your air conditioning should normally be fixed by the professionals, mainly because most homeowners don’t have the knowledge and expertise to solve cooling issues.

In today’s news article we will share with you 3 signs to help you identify when your air conditioning needs repairing, as well as 3 air conditioner problems you could try and resolve yourself.

3 Signs you should call a professional

No cooling

If your air con is running but the air coming out is not cool, you could be having a problem with the unit’s refrigerant charge. This should be handled by a professional.

Air conditioning won’t cycle on

If you turn your system on and you don’t hear the air conditioning running, and the temperature is set to cool, you could potentially have a damaged thermostat or other defects.

Problems with the water

If your air conditioner unit is leaking water, which if working properly would be drained, you might have a blocked drain, a faulty pump, dirty filter or a low refrigerant charge.

3 Power problems you could fix yourself

Ensure the main power supply to the air conditioning system is turned on. Look for your home or office’s switchboard and check the circuits to the system is turned on.

Check the equipment itself, and make sure that all power switches are on in the outdoor and indoor units.

Look at your thermostat’s setting: ideally it has to be 3 to 5 degrees lower than your home or office’s temperature for the system to cycle on.

Air conditioning repairs are important to help maintain your air conditioning running for longer and more efficiently. We recommend you also give regular maintenance to avoid the wear and tear air conditioners go through. If you would like to get in touch with us you can call us on (07) 3276 1800 Brisbane or (07) 5477 1777 Sunshine Coast or send us an online enquiry.