5 things to look for when buying an air conditioner

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5 things to look for when buying an air conditioner

5 Things To Look For While Buying An Air Conditioner
Choose the features of your air conditioner wisely and you’ll be wearing a smile like this lady

There’s a lot more thought that should go into buying an air conditioner than simply the best price, although that is no doubt an important consideration. Neglect to assess these factors and you could find yourself with the wrong sized system which fails to cool your home properly, and one which can quickly become expensive leading to a case of buyer’s remorse. But there’s no need to feel stressed because the ducted and split system air conditioning experts at H&H Air Conditioning share 5 things you need to look for in a new air conditioning system.

1.     Energy Efficiency

– This is the single most important factor you should assess when buying a new AC system. Look for a system with the highest star rating that you can afford along with one with PeakSmart capabilities.

2.     Capacity

– There’s no good buying a small air conditioning system because it’s cheaper if it’s output (measured in kW) will not effectively cool the room. Make sure that you measure the dimensions of the room and ask the sales team for advice.

3.     Features

– There’s no doubt that there are many fancy features in new air conditioning models. How much weight you give these features in your purchasing decision will differ for each buyer. Some of the most appreciated features are inverter systems for their efficiency, sleep timers, and reverse cycle capable air conditioners which provide one of the most affordable heating options in winter. Many new models can also be operated with a smart phone app which can allow you to turn your system on from the office so your house is nice and cool when you return home – Now that’s convenience!

4.     Reliability –

Some brands are known for their reliability and smooth operation, meaning you’ll have piece of mind on their operation without frustrating breakdowns and other issues. Independent consumer websites, Canstar Blue and Choice have rated many different air conditioners on various factors, including reliability.

5.     Design –

Quietness and an attractive design are other important factors in new air conditioner. Gone are the ugly window units of the yesteryear which have thankfully been replaced with neater, less obtrusive designs.

Still got questions? We’d be more than happy to answer any enquiries you may have when buying a new system. Supplying and installing all the best brands in the air conditioning business, we’re confident we have a system to work for your needs and budget. Just call us today!

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