7 Ways To Prepare for the Summer Air Conditioning Onslaught

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7 Ways To Prepare for the Summer Air Conditioning Onslaught

7 Ways To Prepare for the Summer Air Conditioning Onslaught

Our air conditioners in Brisbane are already being heavily used after one of the hottest ever Novembers heralded the unofficial beginning of summer. But with plenty of warmth still ahead of us – until mid-March at least – AC systems in Brisbane and south-east Queensland are still going to be getting a work out. To avoid bill shock come spring, and to stay cool as the mercury rises, H&H Air Conditioning share our top tips for using your air conditioning system, effectively and efficiently this summer.

1.     If you’re in the market for a new AC system, ask us about a PeakSmart system. This will regulate the output of the system during peak demand and use less energy. You’ll also remain cool up be eligible for a 250.00 or 500.00 rebate courtesy of Energex.

2.     Clean the filters and replace if necessary. We explain how to clean split system filters here.

3.     Clear away debris from the fins of outdoor unit including leaves, twigs, and dirt build up. This allows more air to circulate around the unit and prevents debris enterting the system and causing problems

4.     Seal and draughts and air gaps around windows and under doors when using the AC system.

5.     Set your air conditioning system to 24 degrees to stay cool affordably. Every degree colder will add around 10 per cent to your air conditioning bill.

6.     Always shut off areas where possible while using an air conditioning system in a room of the home, and for ducted systems enable zones where air conditioning is most required.

7.     Make sure you set your air conditioning in the bedroom to switch off during the evening and if you have ceiling fans consider using these in conjunction with an AC system to cool the home faster – especially when you first get home. This will also help to save on operating costs. 

H&H Air Conditioning can be your unsung heroes this summer to keep your system running effectively and efficiently. If it’s not running as normal or isn’t delivering the kind of cool air that is should, our servicing and maintenance team can easily have a look at it – just contact us today on (07) 3276 1800 for our Brisbane office and (07) 5477 1777 for our Sunshine Coast branch.