Are you burning cash with your heating bill?

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Are you burning cash with your heating bill?

Are you burning cash with your heating bill?

So many Australians are using excess energy to heat their home, and they may already have a heating solution under their nose – their trusty air conditioner!

If your AC system has a reverse cycle mode this offers a superior solution to heat your home than electric heating, and will not burn a hole in your pocket. As the nights get much colder, a reverse cycle system will only use 1/3 of the energy of an electric heater and the benefits do not stop there. (Although a two third reduction off a heating bill is something that should be an incentive enough for people to reconsider their home heating strategy!)

H&H Air Conditioning can supply and install a range of the best brands of reverse cycle air conditioners, and we explain how they work, and their major benefits below. 

Benefits of a Reverse Cycle System

–   One unit for both heating and cooling. Less to worry about and only one system for all the home’s heating and cooling needs

–  Better distribution and flow of warm air around the room compared to electric heaters which only heat the area directly in front of the heating element

–  Reverse cycle heating is safer than heaters with no units to tip over, no risk of house fires from open or exposed heating elements.

–  A reverse cycle system will outperform and outlast an electric heater which can rust and stop working effectively after a few seasons.

Reverse cycle systems work by extracting heat from the outside, even in cold temperatures. This is achieved through the refrigerant passing through a coil under pressure and then into the home. The flow of refrigerant and movement of air is reversed in summer for a cooling affect.

How to use reverse cycle systems effectively:

– Use them in conjunction with closing doors and windows and sealing any draughts

– Keep the heating cycle between 18-20 degrees. The ambient temperature will feel warmer than this actual temperature.

– Clean filters regularly for reliable, clean and consistent air flow.

– Pick the right size system for the area that is to be heated (and cooled)

Warm up with a more efficient solution this winter and start saving money on your home heating costs!

TO purchase a brand new air conditioning system with reverse cycle features, contact the air conditioning experts at H&H Air Conditioning today on (07) 3276 1800 for our Brisbane office or (07) 5477 1777 for our Sunshine Coast branch.