Is your air conditioner summer ready?

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Is your air conditioner summer ready?

Is your air conditioner summer ready?

Getting your air conditioner ready for summer is very important if you want to have it running efficiently throughout the long summer days. No one wants to have an air con not running to its best, or even worse, breaking down! For this reasons, today we would like to share with you great information to help you get your air con summer ready, and keep it summer ready! Take these steps and your air con should be good to go.

Check and change filters

Filters are located at the blower unit and are generally where the return duct joins the unit. If you can, you should check them once a month. When filters are badly clogged, the airflow which goes through the blower unit slows down. This eventually could cause your air con to shut down.

Depending on the type of filter you are using, you might have to check your filters more often. Filters that reduce allergens, for example, tend to clog up faster.

Check refrigerant levels

Checking refrigerant levels is important if you want to keep to cooling/warming levels regulated. We highly recommend calling a professional to do this as it does require expert knowledge.

Check for Debris

For the outdoor unit to work correctly, it needs an unobstructed, nice flow of air round it. When you are checking the area, make sure there is more less 2 feet of clear space; there should not wood piles, grass, low hanging branches, shrubs, weeds or leaves.

Since it spends all summer, and sometimes winter, working nonstop, you can give a little wash. All you have to do is splash some water with a garden hose.

If ducted system, keep it unobstructed

If you have a ducted air conditioning system, make sure there are no furniture obstructing the vents.

We recommend you call a professional and have your air conditioner fully inspected. If you need any help you can call us on (07) 3276 1800 Brisbane or (07) 5477 1777 Sunshine Coast.