How to extend the life of an air conditioner

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How to extend the life of an air conditioner

How to extend the life of an air conditioner
Periodic maintenance is essential to extend the life of your AC system

With summer in full swing and the recent heatwave hitting Brisbane, air conditioning is an essential cooling system every household and office needs.  Moreover, it’s essential that your air con is in tip top condition so you can have peace of mind that your air con won’t break down when you need it most.  Thankfully, there are some tips you can do to keep your air conditioning unit running properly and to extend its lifespan, giving you a unit that you’ll be able to rely on through the long hot Brisbane summer.

Inspect and clean the air con filter

In areas where dust is quite prevalent, dust can quickly build up onto the filters and affect the efficiency of the system. So it’s always a good idea to clean the filter now and again to ensure it runs smoothly.  Also, keep in mind when filters do wear out and there’s evidence of damage its strongly recommended to replace the filter. By routinely cleaning and checking the state of your filter, you’ll be helping yourself to keeping your place cool, reducing your energy bill and reducing the spread of dust in the air.

Periodic maintenance

The best way to maintain the effectiveness of your air conditioner is to periodically get your unit checked by a qualified air conditioning technician. H&H Air Conditioning offers qualified air conditioning maintenance and repairs. Ideally for preventative measures its best to arrange a check up with a technician after the winter season and before the rise in temperature.

Shade your outside cooling system

By shading your outside cooling system it can help extend the use of your air con and keep energy bills low.  But be very careful not to cover to the unit, as the unit needs air to circulate around. Generally, keep other items outside at least 2 -3 feet away from the unit.

Look after duct pipes

Ensure all duct pipes are correctly sealed to allow the air to distribute the system efficiently.

We hope some of these simple tips will be of use to boost the efficiency of you’re A/C unit, keep electricity bills down and ultimately save you money in the long term. Should you require any air conditioning service, H & H Air Con team are more than happy to assist.

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