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Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips to help you get the best out of your Air Conditioner.

1.  Have an air conditioning specialist out or on site inspection to identify your air conditioning needs including sizing, location and energy efficiency.

2.  Make sure your air conditioning specialist can not only install your air conditioner but provide the after sales service support and warranty repairs.

3.  For maximum efficiency and minimum running costs:

a.  Set your temperature to a temperature that is comfortable. No lower than 22°c in Summer (24°- 27° in Summer) and no higher than 22°in Winter.  You may find once the house has been warmed temperatures as low as 18° can be more than comfortable in Winter.

b.  On extremely hot days, turn your air conditioning unit on in the morning rather than the middle of the day.

c.  If leaving the house for 1-2 hours, leave the air conditioner on rather than turning off and back on when arriving back home.

d.  Only air condition the space you need to.  Shut all external doors and windows. Shut internal doors to minimise the air conditioned space.

e.  Turn off air conditioner zones when not in use on ducted systems.

f.  Shut curtains and blinds on windows.

g.  Maintenance – Whilst it is strongly recommended to have your residential air conditioning system serviced annually, usually in Winter there is minor maintenance than can be undertaken by the house holder.

i.      Clean the filters regularly, every 2-3 months dependant on usage.

ii.      Keep debris, leaves, plastic bags, etc away from the outdoor unit.