H&H Air Conditioning presents: The history of air conditioning

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H&H Air Conditioning presents: The history of air conditioning

Here at H&H Air Conditioning, we are extremely passionate about what we do. Our team of highly trained and professional staff takes pride in educating our customers on how their system works, while giving advice on how they should use it to achieve maximum efficiency and extending its longevity. In today’s article we will continue our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast customers’ education by providing a bit of an interesting throwback to the very first days when air conditioning was invented.

Willis Carrier

In 1902, a university educated man named Willis Carrier began working in a factory that was at the time performing some printing work. He was quite a new employee at the factory and was earning only $10/week, despite the fact that he had a master’s degree in engineering. Nevertheless, Carrier had the initiative and the knowledge to put his hand up and tackle a problem that had been troubling the company for quite some time.

Discovery of Air Conditioning

The team at the factory had an extremely difficult time getting their ink to correctly stick to the paper that they were printing on. As the workers openly recognized that this was due to the humidity in the air, Carrier set about designing a system that would move air through cold coils and release it into the air. The theory behind his work was due to the fact that cold air holds far less moisture; however Carrier soon realized that he invented something far greater than a de-humidifier – he had invented Air Conditioning.

Mass production

Following Carriers discovery, he spent the next 20 years developing the early air conditioning system into something that was more practical and functional to use. Once the development was completed, air conditioning systems soon became popular in very select movie theatres in America, and within the next 5 years large residential devices began to become available.

In today’s blog post, we have educated our readers on the history of air conditioning. If you would like to see how a modern system operates simply contact our team today on (07) 3276 1800 for Brisbane and (07) 5477 1777 for Sunshine Coast.