Could Modern Society Survive Without Air Conditioning?

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Could Modern Society Survive Without Air Conditioning?


Could Modern Society Without Air Conditioning?

Many people often say that as a society we’re too reliant on air conditioning. These people are quick to mention how in times past they sweated through a hot summers and managed perfectly fine without the luxury of air conditioning. But just because they survived scorching summers, often the role of air conditioning is oversimplified and dismissed as just a luxury that we all rely on too much.

Doing this overlooks the fact since the invention of the world’s first air conditioner in 1902, a beginning of a technology that would transform and facilitate the growth of industries. These include many things

– The food storage and pharmaceutical industry which enabled the correct storage of medicines and dry foods.

– Allows for the preservation of important documents, historical artefacts and other items of cultural significance from humidity damage.

– Without air conditioning early computer systems could not have stayed cool from overheating and other machinery helped to stay cool and operate more effectively from AC. The printing press is a good example of this.

– Air conditioning in hospitals and other medical centres is a necessity. For the elderly, air conditioning helps against dehydration in summer, can prevent heat stroke and other heat related conditions and increase life expectancy.

– No enclosed shopping malls or movies screened in cinemas would be possible without some form of air conditioning and air ventilation.

– Allowed economies to develop in regions that were previously considered hostile or uninhabitable.

– Without air conditioning technology plane humidity and temperature control allowed modern aircraft to fly higher and make longer journeys.

– When you look at these applications for air conditioning, and how the technology helped the growth of new industries, it’s hard to argue that we could survive in a modern world without air conditioning.

Yes but isn’t modern society still too reliant on our AC?

Many people still argue that society is too reliant on air conditioning and while there are good points to be made here, there have been great advancements made with the efficiency of the systems themselves by manufacturers, and the environmental impacts of refrigerants used.

Instead of the argument to limit access to air conditioning, a better solution is to ensure there is the incentive for people to buy more efficient systems provided by government and for building designers to create building that are more energy efficient building designs that allow natural heating and cooling to reduce the reliance on AC systems. It’s also essential to remember to buy the right sized system with the best planning of duct work to ensure an efficient installation that keeps you cool and does not unnecessarily drain energy resources. Not only will this be good for the planet, but will mean lower power bills.

It’s not the fact that we rely too much on AC, but the older systems that are still being used and the way people use them. Instead of solely blaming the product, if everyone ran more efficient systems with a low carbon footprint and government energy providers had more incentives for efficient use, it would be a lot easier than trying to change society away from using air conditioning. After all it’s a necessity here in Brisbane, and quite frankly it’s one we couldn’t do without.

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