Choosing the Best Air Conditioning Option for A Business

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Choosing the Best Air Conditioning Option for A Business

Choosing the Best Air Conditioning Option for A Business

At H&H Air Conditioning our HVAC technicians, building engineers and sales support staff can provide a number of different options to effectively keep you cool while doing business. As one of Queensland’s biggest air conditioning companies, we work with a diverse range of new and existing businesses that need a new effective heating and cooling system, or who are looking to get better results from their existing system.

Depending on the needs, budget, and the design of the building we will suggest a number of possible options to suit. With proven experience working on a number of large and small scale commercial buildings, we discuss these option below including some of the influencing factors.

Options Available for Commercial Air Conditioning

Ducted Systems

Ducted systems can be one of the best and most discreet solutions for larger office complexes, warehouses, and showrooms covering a large area or where there are many rooms that all being regularly used. They also offer some of the best distribution of air possible. Zoning can be used  to cool different areas at different times, however the main system would always need to be running. Because of this if there are only one or two areas that need cooling at any given time this may not be the most cost effective option for some busineses.

Single Split System

A single split system with the right output can effectively cool or heat a smaller business or office that consists of one major room or area. The size of the room would determine the size (output) of the system, however for larger businesses or those with several rooms e.g medical clinic, this may not provide a comprehensive heating and cooling system.

Multi Split Systems:

A multi split system can run up to four separate split systems off one outdoor compressor unit, splitting the cooling load to different units. These can be turned on and off when not in use. This is useful when there are areas of the business that are not always used. E.g patient assessment rooms in doctor surgery. There is more flexibility to set different temperatures in different rooms depending on preference. Multiple compressor can be used to cool up to 2-9 rooms.

Factors that influence the best decision for businesses

  • How many rooms need to be cooled and the total floor space that requires cooling.
  • The number of staff or customers in the building.
  • The design and roof space of the building. Some building designs can make ducted systems more expensive to install which may tip the scales in favour of several split systems.
  • Height of ceilings

For more advice on choosing the right commercial air conditioning system for your business, don’t hesitate to contact Queensland’s premier air conditioning company – H&H Air Conditioning. Contact us today on (07) 3276 1800 for our Brisbane branch (07) 5477 1777 for our Sunshine Coast team.