Ask professional air conditioning installers about your options

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Ask professional air conditioning installers about your options

Air conditioning has become much more than a luxury, it could almost be considered a necessity during our blazing hot summers. We are professional air conditioning installers in Brisbane and lately we have been answering a lot of questions from clients interested in making the leap from split system air conditioning to a ducted system. There are definite pros and cons to weigh up and almost every situation will have a slightly different need so the following is a list of the basic considerations. For more in-depth information, give us a call here at H&H. You can reach us on Brisbane 07 3276 1800 or Sunshine Coast  07 54 77 1777 or go ahead and fill out our contact form and we will get right back to you.

What are the benefits of choosing ducted air conditioning?

It can air condition every room in the home, making it an effective solution for the entire home.

The control system is very easy to use. It is basically a set and then forget set up.

The system can be zone controlled. This means you can choose which rooms to cool making it more economical. There is no advantage to cooling a room that is not being used, so zoning is very efficient.

Air distribution
The distribution of the air is very even, so there are no hot or cold spots like there often is with split system options

There is a wide range of ducted systems to choose from, each with different advantages. Speak to us to run through these options as some will be suitable for your needs, while others will be completely unsuitable, which would be an expensive error.

Ducted systems look quite discreet. They are generally vents in the wall, ceiling or floor and don’t intrude into the décor at all.

They are very quiet and unobtrusive.

In some cases ducted air conditioning installations are a more cost effective option than installing a split system unit into multiple rooms. Call us for a quote to see if this applies to you Brisbane 07 3276 1800 or Sunshine Coast 07 54 771777.

For further information about your ducted system options fill out our contact form. We will get right back to your with advice and information with no obligation to buy.