5 essential air conditioning efficiency tips

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5 essential air conditioning efficiency tips

The weather has already started to become warmer, and day and night time temperatures are on the rise here in Brisbane. This means many people are getting their air conditioners ready for the season ahead. But to avoid a power bill blow out, we’ve put together some cardinal rules to save money on your AC operating costs.

If you are privileged air conditioner owner or considering buying one, you will find these tips useful and ultimately save some money.

1.  Purchase an energy rated air con

Look out for star rated air conditioning labels. These star rating labels provide an easy way to compare the air conditioning efficiency of different models. For more information about energy efficient air conditioning systems visit http://www.energyrating.gov.au.

2. Get a yearly air condition check-up

It’s essential to get your air condition regularly checked by a professional to do a diagnosis of any in-efficiencies. What most people don’t realise is if they don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions and not get it regularly serviced their air condition warranty can become void.

3. Buying small is the way.

A central air system costs more because it uses more energy. Installing an air conditioning unit for a single room will require less energy. However if multiple rooms are to be air conditioned it is more cost effective/energy efficient with a zoned ducted system.

4. Maintain your filters

Whichever type of air conditioner you have, a dirty filter will decrease the air cons efficiency.  If the filter looks dirty detach it and remove it.  You should aim to get your filter cleaned every three months and more frequently during summer periods. Your air conditioner will consume more energy due to the dirty filter trapping the air flow.

5. Alter the thermostat

To get the most out of your energy savings, set the thermostat to a highest temperature you feel comfortable with. The cooler the temperature, the more you will increase the running cost. Ideally, when you’re at home during the day time it should be set 24 degrees and increase the temperature to 25 degrees during night time.

For more efficiency tips see our Air Conditioning Tips and Advice centre, and for sales, servicing, installation and repair the only name you need to know in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast is H&H Air Conditioning.