Using Your Air Conditioner: The efficiency facts and fiction

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Using Your Air Conditioner: The efficiency facts and fiction

Home energy efficiency starts with smart air con use.

When it comes to using your AC unit, whether it’s a split or ducted air conditioning system, there are lots of different opinions people have about methods which will cool or heat their home in the most effective way. We put some of these well-worn misconceptions about air conditioner efficiency to rest in our latest post from H&H Air Conditioning – Brisbane’s and Sunshine Coast’s leading air conditioning company. 

Setting the thermostat to the coldest setting will cool your home faster

THE FACTS: Setting your air conditioning thermostat to the coolest temperature will not cool the home at a quicker rate. This means that if you want your home at a comfortable 22 degrees, setting the temperature at 18 degrees will not regulate your indoor temperature to reach 22 degrees any faster.

All units take time to remove humidity and moisture from the air so they can reach the temp that you’ve set on your thermostat. Since the role of a thermostat is to keep regulate the unit to stay at the set temperature, the existing temperature is the only factor dependant on how long a home with will take to cool. The deviation between set temperature and ambient temperature will affect how long the room will take to cool.

Purchasing an energy efficient air conditioner will reduce your electricity bill

THE FACTS: Unfortunately just buying an energy efficient air conditioner won’t automatically reduce your electricity bills. While energy efficiency is important in a system, how a system is used will have far more of an impact on your energy bills. And this brings us to our next misconception…

Leaving a system running or adjusting your thermostat to a warmer temperature when you are out is more efficient than switching the system on and off.

THE FACTS: It’s far MORE expensive to leave an air conditioning system running when you are not home to experience the benefits just so you can have a comfortable temperature when you return. Even if you set the temperature to temperature closer to the existing ambient temp, the compressor is still running (the part of the system which uses the most energy.) It’s always more efficient to only use a system when you are home to use it and if you insist on returning to a cool home using a system with a timer function to start around 20 mins before you get home.


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