5 Factors To Consider Before Installing Ducted Air Conditioning In Your Home

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5 Factors To Consider Before Installing Ducted Air Conditioning In Your Home

What are the five common traps when installing ducted air conditioning? Make sure you avoid a costly mistake.

The choice to install a ducted system

It seems like a no brainer. Installing a ducted system in your home means year-round comfort for your family, increased property value and peace of mind when it comes to bills. A brand-new system can be a more effective use of power and have fewer safety concerns than older units.

The savvy consumer will do research before making a costly decision that is likely to impact their family and their home for years to come. If your search for “installing ducted air conditioning” has brought you here then you’re obviously someone who likes to think first and act later. You’re going to research, plan and problem solve BEFORE you begin contacting businesses to avoid being talked into a purchase that’s not in your best interests.

Here are the five factors you MUST consider before installing a system like this in your home.

1. The size of your home

Consider the size of your home. Is this the kind of investment you’re willing to make in a property of these dimensions?

There are suppliers out there who will push you towards a high-end solution like installing ducted air conditioning regardless of your actual needs. This Choice study is indicative of the kind of pricing you’re going to be looking at (on average) as well as the energy costs. You must take into account your property size, the ceiling height, the size and placement of windows and even the direction your house is facing.

A reputable company will examine your property and be honest about whether this is a choice you should make. Other companies? Not so much.

2. How the space in your home is used

Try this experiment.

You’re going to view your home from a fresh perspective. Pretend this is your first visit to the property and you’re interested in how the people who live in it are using the space. Construct a diagram of your home (it doesn’t have to be an architectural document, just something roughly to scale) and answer the following questions for each room.

  • How many people use this room in an average day?
  • How many hours (in a twenty-four-hour day) does this room have people in it?
  • What are they doing in this room? Are they active? Passive?
  • How much furniture is in this room? How much vacant floor and wall space is there?

This will give you a more accurate picture of frequency and type of use than just saying ‘three bedrooms and a lounge room’. Being able to give a supplier these specifics will ensure that installing a ducted air conditioning system is the right fit for the space you’re in.

This case study from H & H Air-conditioning is an example of installers and suppliers working with the needs of a family. Rather than simply taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach to heating and cooling, a careful investigation took place to determine where the high-traffic areas were. The result? A clever system that works.

3. The materials your home is made from

This comes as a surprise to some home-owners, but the materials your home is made from have a definite impact on installing ducted air conditioning. If it’s weatherboard, full brick or combination you’re going to see a knock-on effect in how useful your system would be.

You also need to consider your proximity to your neighbours. A large system comes with noise, and the placement of it may potentially impact your relationships with neighbours if they are bearing the brunt of the outdoor sound.

4. Your current levels of insulation and air flow

Let’s be honest. This is a BIG investment.

Look honestly at what your current levels of insulation are and how effectively you may be able to employ natural air flow.

Are you able to utilise natural breezes? Are some areas in your home cool enough and it’s just the bedrooms that may need a more advanced cooling and heating system? How are people in your home able to get warm when they need to? Can they use what you already have?

Again – many companies will argue that, regardless of the above, you need to install a complex ducted system. It’s important to be able to see through the hype and talk to a company who actually sees you as an individual instead of a name on an invoice.

5. Your budget

This is the big one, isn’t it? The bottom line. With cost of living higher than ever, you need to ensure that making a big decision like this will guarantee you comfort, peace of mind and potential return on investment as well as minimising your ongoing running costs

Installing ducted air conditioning is not going to be a small undertaking. Engaging a reputable company will streamline the installation process minimising any inconvenience or disruption in your household.

  • Are these costs something your family is going to be able to take on?
  • Is this the best solution for your home?
  • Will this solution put you in a strong position if you are to sell your home in the future?
  • Is installing ducted air conditioning in keeping with the rest of your home?

The worst mistake

The worst mistake you can make when installing ducted air conditioning is to skip the research stage!

Any decision around your home needs careful consideration and consultation with reputable industry experts. Avoid taking the cheapest option, having a rushed job and then being left with an empty wallet and a useless system taking up space in your home.

The team at H & H Air Conditioning has a long history in the industry and experience with installing ducted air conditioning. With that comes a great reputation and a long list of satisfied customers. Reading customer testimonials is a great way to extend your research and get an unbiased perspective.

Installing ducted air conditioning? Make sure you ask the right questions – to the right people. Contact the team at H & H Air Conditioning today!