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5 Air Conditioning Trends To Look For In 2017
5 Air Conditioning Trends to Look For in 2017

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5 Air Conditioning Trends to Look For in 2017

5 Air Conditioning Trends to Look For in 2017

Have you had your air conditioner for five years or more? If so, you are certainly not alone. After all, air conditioners are a long-term investment. But a lot has changed in five years of air conditioning and some of the latest air conditioning trends might astound you! Now, in 2017, air conditioning technology is more advanced than ever.

Leading performance is combining with fantastic energy consumption to provide comfort and efficiency like never before. So why miss out? The latest air conditioning trends have something to offer everyone, which is why we have created a list of five air conditioning trends to look for in 2017. So prepare to be amazed at just how far technology has come, and how quickly it is has done so!

1. Ducted air conditioners are gaining popularity in a domestic setting!

If you were in the market for an air conditioner five or ten years ago, it would’ve been split systems all the way. But there has been a big shift in 2017 and you might find it surprising. That’s right – ducted air conditioners are the latest in home air conditionings trends. Ducted air conditioners were traditionally viewed as a more commercial air conditioning solution.

You could walk into any showroom or office building and there would probably be an extensive ducted system right above you. But this is starting to change. Leading air conditioning manufacturers are starting to develop very advanced ducted systems for homeowners as well. And we have to say – they are very impressive! Who would have thought homeowners could enjoy the benefits of commercial air conditioning without the energy bill to match?

2. Temperature zones are the latest in ducted technology

After reading the first air conditioning trend in our list, you probably have a few questions. How can ducted air conditioning be energy efficient? What happens if you only want to cool one room? Well, prepare to have your questions answered by our next trend: temperature zoning! Temperature zoning is the hottest – or should we say coolest – trend in domestic ducted air conditioning. It combines leading edge technology with some good old-fashioned lateral thinking to come up with temperature zoning!

Temperature zoning is precisely as cool as it sounds; it allows you to control the temperature of each room individually, even though the ducted system operates off a single unit. So instead of having an individual unit in each room, you have one unit to power them all. The best part: you still control every room, or ‘zone,’ individually.

So you can have one room cold, one temperate and one with no air conditioning at all. The choice is yours! The advantages of this are many and varied, but the main two are comfort and efficiency. You get full control over the temperature of your entire house, and no energy whatsoever goes to waste! It really is the homeowner’s dream.

3. Temperature control from your smartphone? Welcome to 2017!

What sort of air conditioning trends list would this be without making mention of the smartphone? They really are everywhere and the world of air conditioning is no exception. Most air conditioners operate with remote controls and wall-mounted control panels. And sure, these are perfectly acceptable when it comes to ease of use and effectiveness. But who settles for acceptable in 2017? That’s why smartphones have entered the home automation scene. They are connecting to all of our appliances, air conditioners included, so you don’t have to leave your seat. Do you want to turn off the air conditioner in your bedroom without leaving the couch? Not a problem!

With the right program, your smartphone gives you unfettered domain over the temperature of every room in your house. It may seem a little bit trivial – we do realise that. But it can have some very useful effects as well. For example, if you can remotely control your air conditioning systems, you can save electricity and money more easily.

Instead of having to present in the room to turn off an air conditioner, you can do so remotely. In fact, some smartphone systems even allow you to control your air conditioning from outside your home. You could be at work when you remember that you left the air conditioner on. Not a problem though – simply use your smartphone to turn it off again, and save on your next electricity bill!

4. Air conditioning trends are all about energy efficiency and split systems have this covered!

So far, we have given a lot of attention to the domestic ducted air conditioners. But that’s not entirely fair because the mighty split system still has just as much to offer! Split system air conditioners are becoming more and more advanced each year. And now, in 2017, they are offering great efficiency and performance than ever before. Split systems offer many of the same traits as the advanced ducted air conditioners.

The only difference: they have their own unit attached. But as air conditioning trends become more advanced, the configuration of split systems becomes more diverse. Now, you have more options in terms of your split system configuration than ever before. The experts can customise your air conditioner to suit your needs and the results are just incredible!

5. Air conditioning trends that turn your air conditioning upside down?

Now that we have covered the joys of the split system, we can go back to a ducted air conditioning trend: the floor mounted duct. When you think of air conditioning ducts, your mind almost certainly turns to the ceiling. After all, that is where ducts are almost always positioned. But as air conditioning manufacturers get more creative, so too do their installation solutions. And this one really takes the cake.

Floor mounted ducts are a fantastic and discreet way to disperse your ducted air conditioner. Better still – this approach makes ducted air conditioning available to homeowners who don’t necessarily have enough space in their ceiling cavity to support a large ducted system. In any case, it is a testament to the diversity of 2017’s air conditioning trends!

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