4 Ways to increase your Air conditioning efficiency Part 1

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4 Ways to increase your Air conditioning efficiency Part 1

Every year energy bills seem to go up and saving money seems harder and harder. That’s why it is important to try to keep recurrent bills such as energy bills down, and even though this might be hard to do, it is not impossible. In today’s blog post we are going to explore 10 ways to increase your air conditioning efficiency and therefore lower your energy bills.

Here at H&H Air Conditioning we are always trying to help our customers across Brisbane and surrounding areas keep their air cons in optimal conditions.

Have your air con serviced

An air conditioning expert should check your refrigerant level, check the airflow, and clean the coils to help keep your units running efficiently as they can be greatly affected by these 3 things.

Clean or change filters

Filters should be cleaned or changed roughly once a month. If your filters are dirty the airflow will be affected, and therefore your unit will work extra hard to cool or warm your home or office.

Look for obstructions

Make sure there aren’t any obstructions around your outdoor air conditioning unit. If there are any plants growing close from your unit, get rid of them as they can interfere with your air con’s work. All units should have free space to allow them to take air into its system.

Clean coils

Frequently check the coils of your air conditioner aren’t dirty. Dirty coils can compromise your air con unit’s performance. Check with your air con provider for useful recommendations, every unit is different so make sure an expert is giving you good advice.

Remember, turn off your air conditioner before trying to change or clean anything!

Air conditioning around Brisbane and surrounding areas are a great addition to a house or office, especially during hot or cold days. Don’t waste your money by not providing your air con the maintenance it needs.

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