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11 Practical Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

And no unfortunately standing in the snow is not currently available in Brisbane

We all know that air conditioning is one of the most – if not the most – effective way of staying cool and comfortable. But this summer weather experts are again forecasting a hotter than average summer so taking a holistic approach to staying cool will put you in good stead for the scorching months ahead in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Since we can’t always sit in air conditioned comfort, H&H Air Conditioning share easily achievable ways you can help to bring the temperature down in your home, and keep your sanity this scorcher of a season

1.     In the morning, close up your home including windows and doors. Close blinds, curtains and shutters to stop heat transferring through the windows of your home.

2.     Fill hot water bottles with ice cold water and rest on ankles, wrists and behind the knees. While we’re speaking of ice cold water, invest in a water cooler for your fridge so you’ve got ready to go H20 around the clock. A cold beer or chilled wine might seem tempting but lots of these will have the opposite effect – causing dehydration and making you feel worse.

3.     Reschedule any outside work e.g mowing the lawn, until late afternoon or early morning before the humidity is at its worst.

4.     Wear lightweight and loose fitting clothing preferably of a lighter colour which will reflect heat rather than absorb it.

5.     Keep spray bottles of water ready for a quick freshen up when coming inside after being outdoors.

6.     Instead of heated food, try fresh salads, sandwiches fruits and yoghurts – you’ll also save yourself sweating up a storm from cooking over a hot stove or oven. Eat smaller meals but more often.

7.     Avoid over fanning yourself with hand held fans. Why? Despite the airflow temporarily making you feel better, the vigorous action can actually raise your body temperature. If you do use a hand held fan make sure it’s one that doesn’t require a lot of effort to use.

8.     Dampen your clothes. This will cool the skin and as the water evaporates will help you to feel much cooler.

9.     Get a haircut. Or keep long hair tied up. Another option for people with longer hair which can add to feeling overheated is to wrap a wet bandanna

10.      Keep your car cool by parking it in the shade or using one of those windscreen reflectors to reflect heat. Before heading out, take a bottle of water with you.

11.      Stay inside in air conditioned comfort. This will create an ideal ambient temperature where you can sleep, concentrate, and relax. If you’ve not got an air conditioning system yet – what are you waiting for??

Call H&H Air Conditioning today Brisbane 07 3276 1800 or Sunshine Coast 07 5477 1777 for air conditioning solutions to suit all budgets and homes and have peace of mind and a guarantee that you’ll beat the heat this summer.