Commercial Case Study

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Commercial Case Study

This original late 60’s office warehouse located in the city fringe was converted to three floors of office space.

With no ceiling space on the middle and upper floor, temperzone high static package units were used.

To service the middle floor duct work was run over the exterior of the building and incorporated into the building facade minimising the loss of internal floor space.

Bulkheads were created complete with side blow grilles to deliver air throughout the open plan layout and offices.

The lower floor used conventional Actron Air Split Ducted Systems. The air was distributed throughout the office area with lay in type swirl diffusers.

The top floor executive level, modern design open plan layout and offices. Temperzone roof top package units were used, to distribute the air through insulated exposed painted spiralled duct work.

A Mitsubishi Electric Bulkhead Ducted System was used to service the fully glazed meeting room complete with side blow grilles.

The project whilst huge in scale presented several unique issues that had to be considered both in the design and installation process.