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Commercial – Case Study

Project: Design and Construct Mechanical at 71 Hoepner Rd, Bundamba – including office and warehouse provisions for 2 x Tenancies.

Office A/C: 6 x Fujitsu Ducted Systems.  Warehouse A/C: 2 x Fujitsu Wall Splits. Total Project A/C Equipment Capacity: 112kw Total Cooling Capacity.

Office Mechanical Ventilation: 2 x Allvent Gigabox Fans for Ground WC areas and 2 x Allvent Inline Fans for first floor WC areas.

4 Ways to increase your Air conditioning efficiency Part 1

Every year energy bills seem to go up and saving money seems harder and harder. That’s why it is important to try to keep recurrent bills such as energy bills down, and even though this might be hard to do, it is not impossible. In today’s blog post we are going to explore 10 ways to increase your air conditioning efficiency and therefore lower your energy bills.

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How often should I change my air conditioning filter?

The climate in Brisbane is not an average climate and the periods of intense humidity will put extra strain on your air conditioning unit, as it tries to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. If you want to ensure your air conditioning unit remains in peak condition you should make sure you take the time to read through your manufactures guidelines. Some manufactures will recommend that you change your filter every 3 months, but dependent on where you live you may need to monitor this and change them on a more regular basis.

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Air Conditioning Tips Brisbane

When you have an air conditioning installed in your house or office there are a few things you should know to keep it running efficiently. Here at H&H Air Conditioning we specialise in air conditioning and love to share tips and advice with customers to help them get the most of their air conditioning Brisbane. Continue reading as we share some tips to help you gain the most from your air con.

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Information about Fujitsu General air conditioning

There are many different air conditioning brands available in the Australian market; however not many of them have the reputation and recognition Fujitsu General does. Fujitsu General is a renowned air conditioning company which is positioned as the number one supplier of air conditioning Brisbane in Australia. Currently Fujitsu General offers a wide range of air conditioning products to suit both commercial and domestic purposes. For this reason here at H&H Air Conditioning we pride ourselves for not only providing top quality products such as Fujitsu split and ducted systems but also for our outstanding services and compromise to install and help customer’s air conditioners run efficiently.

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Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

Installing air conditioning Brisbane can be just as hard as or perhaps harder than finding the right air conditioning unit for your home or office. However here at H&H Air Conditioning we take care of everything for you! Our team of fully trained and experienced specialist, will not only inspect your building to recommend the right air conditioning for you but they will install, and maintain or repair it if needed to.

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