How much should an air conditioner cost?

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How much should an air conditioner cost?


How much should an air conditioner cost?

Price is something on everyone’s lips when in the market for a new AC system. But how much should you ultimately pay? This depends on many things, and in this article H&H Air Conditioning will explain this clearly to help you make the best choice. Often a cheap air conditioner is not always a good air conditioner, and a more expensive air conditioning system still may not be suitable for what you need. For the purposes of this article we focus only on split system air conditioners, the most commonly purchased AC systems.

What factors influence price?

The cost of the unit is only part of the equation for owner an AC system, and the running costs will make up more of the cost over the life of the system. When air conditioners are priced the following factors dictate the cost:

  • Output in Kw – This is also called the capacity of the system and it determines how large an area the system can effectively cool.
  • Brand – The biggest names in air conditioning including Fujitsu, Daikin, and Panasonic often  cost slightly more due to their reputation for reliability, spare parts and after sales service.
  • Energy efficiency – The star rating determines the energy efficiency of the unit and also how much the system will cost to run per hour. The more stars the more energy efficient, but more costly the unit.
  • Other features – reverse cycle capabilities, and inverter capabilities which also makes the system more efficient also influence the price. If the system has smart phone control and other mod cons this can add more to the ticket price.

The biggest thing that determines price of an air conditioning unit however is output. But it’s important to buy the right size for your room. A smaller system for a large room won’t cool the space effectively, and put more strain on the system, costing more to run. Output for most split systems ranges from 2.5kW to around 20kW. To cool 1 square metre of living space, it takes 0.125kW of energy. Therefore for a smaller 5m x 6m living room (30 square metres) a 4.0kW system or above would be needed to cool the room efficiently. Larger open plan living/dining areas or rooms with high pitched ceilings would need systems with a larger output.

So how much do they cost?

Split system units (not included window mounted models which are cheaper) are generally priced as follows based on the above factors including variation in brands, features and energy efficiency:

  • Most 2.5-3.5kW systems range in price from around $800 to $1100
  • Most 5.0kw systems range in price from around $1200 to $1600
  • Most 7.0kw systems range in price from $1600 to $2000

For those in the market for a new air conditioner in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, H&H Air Conditioning can provide a competitive quote on the system and installation across a range of brands to suit differing budgets. To find out more, contact us today on (07) 3276 1800 (Brisbane) or (07) 5477 1777 (Sunshine Coast)