What Exactly is Smart Air Conditioning?

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What Exactly is Smart Air Conditioning?

Smart Air Conditioning

Is there anything a smartphone can’t do? What about making your home more comfortable? Amazingly, smartphones can! As technology marches forward at an exponential rate, we are seeing some pretty incredible developments in the world of air conditioning. And perhaps the coolest to date is smart air conditioning!

Smart air conditioning is taking the world by storm, and what better place to enjoy it than Queensland. As we hurdle headfirst towards a hot summer, it pays to be prepared. So what can you do?

Well, any type of air conditioning is sure to help as the mercury climbs in the coming months. But none will do so with quite the effect of smart air conditioning. Smart air conditioning will give you unprecedented control over your home’s temperature. You can enjoy comfort that is set with ease and precision. Why wouldn’t you want to get amongst it?

How does smart air conditioning really work?

So we’ve mentioned smartphones and smart air conditioning. But what does this really mean? After all, the word ‘smart’ seems to go in front of just about everything these days! Well, smart air conditioning works with your smartphone. Using Internet connectivity, the two devices can communicate with each other. Sound cool, but how does this help you? This helps you by giving you complete control over your air conditioning, from your smartphone. Smart air conditioning is the latest in a line of appliances that you can control over the Internet – or better still, from your device!

But in a time where everything seems to have Internet connectivity, what makes smart air conditioning so special? Smart air conditioning is distinct for a few reasons. The most notable is temperature control. Other smart appliances generally only operate on an on/off basis. Essentially, you can command it to turn on or off using your smartphone. But smart air conditioning goes one better. Smart air conditioning can perform a whole range of functions remotely, at your command! You can set timers, turn the temperature up or down, turn it on or off and a whole lot more. The result: better control over your air conditioner than ever before!

Why should you get smart air conditioning?

Sounds great doesn’t it? Smart air conditioning is working with futuristic technology to improve your comfort. But, like all air conditioning, it’s a big investment. So what makes it worth it? Unsurprisingly, there are a whole host of reasons for which you should get smart air conditioning. If you spend a bit of time talking to your air conditioning specialist, we have no doubt that these reasons will reveal themselves. And a lot of the time, they are not what you would think!

Sure, a smart air conditioner gives you better control over your home air con system. But it also does so much more than that. In truth, the true range of benefits you gain will only become clear when you get one yourself. However, to help you get a handle on the diversity and brilliance of a smart air conditioning system, we have listed three of the most prominent benefits below!

1. Smart air conditioning gives you better control over your home’s temperature!

It’s pretty clear by now that smart air conditioning offers the best temperature control. But what does that really mean? For starters, it means that you will have great comfort this Christmas. But it gets better. With smart air conditioning, you can control your air con in terms of zones. Some smart systems allow different rooms to be cooled at different rates, entirely of your choosing. So if everyone is in one room, you can turn the other rooms to a more economical rate.

This has two effects. Firstly, everyone in the living room will be comfortable and happy. Secondly, you will be saving a lot of power by reducing the rate of air conditioning in the vacant rooms. Bu the best part – the pièce de résistance if you will – is that you don’t even need to leave the couch! And believe us, this will come in handy when the cricket is starting to heat up. That’s something you cant put a price on.

2. Left your air conditioner on by accident? Not a problem with smart air conditioning!

Everyone has been there: you rock up to work and remember something. Your stomach drops. You’ve left your air conditioner on. The consequences of such a slip-up, however minor, will truly reveal themselves when your next power bill arrives! A lot of families are looking to save money and expend energy in a more environmentally friendly way. And with energy prices on the rise, every little bit counts. So leaving the air con running all day by accident can really set you back. But what can you do?

With a smart air conditioning system – the choice is yours! Most smart air conditioning systems will work wherever you have Internet. So if you get to work and remember that the air con is on, no worries! Simply turn it off and get back to work. Alternatively, on those really hot days, you can turn your air con on remotely as you’re leaving work. Nothing says home like the perfectly cool temperature on a hot summer’s day!

3. Enjoy this Christmas season with convenience: choose smart air conditioning!

The Christmas holidays are about relaxing with your family. The last thing you want is to be chasing your air conditioner controls trying to save power and keep the temperature comfortable. With people coming and going from one room to the next, it can be hard to keep up. Smart air conditioning puts you back in charge. From your couch, living room, backyard or workplace, you can control every room in your house. Sounds like a dream come true right? Well, it can be!

Simply chat with your local air conditioning specialist today and get the lowdown on smart air conditioning. Spend your summer in style and comfort – don’t settle for less than technology can give you!