Air Conditioning Vocab: The Terms Defined

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Air Conditioning Vocab: The Terms Defined

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Like many fields, there are a lot of different terminology and words used in the air conditioning business which can leave people many people baffled especially when they hear terms like ‘inverter and ‘cooling load’ when trying to decide what unit to buy. So to take some of the mystery out of these terms, Brisbane’s leading air conditioning company, H&H Air Conditioning have put together a list of air conditioning terms so when someone mentions a ‘compressor’ instead of returning a vacant stare, you’ll be in the loop and able to smile and nod knowingly.

Anemometer – Instrument used to measure the speed of the air flow.

Capacity – The ability of an air conditioning system to cool a set size room.

Compressor – A device that compresses air to so it can be converted to a liquid. Known as “the heart of the system” because it circulates the refrigerant through the loop, the pump moves the refrigerant from the indoor evaporator to the outdoor condenser, then back to the evaporator.

Condenser – a device used to condense a refrigerant thereby rejecting the heat to another source. Typically an air cooled or water cooled condenser.

Duct – Used for conducting air to and from an air-handling unit via a pipe or closed conduit made of materials such as sheet metal or fiberglass board.

Evaporator – Absorbs heat from air or liquid from indoor air and move it outside the refrigerated area.

Filter – The essential component of an AC system that collects impurities in the air.

HVAC – Stands for Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning.

Latent Cooling Capacity – The heat energy needed to change the state of a substance (e.g., from a liquid to a gas), but not its temperature.

Refrigerant Lines – Set of two copper lines connecting the outdoor unit and the indoor unit.

Refrigerant – A substance that produces a refrigerating effect while expanding and vaporizing.

Thermostat – The device that controls the set temperature of an air conditioning unit and detects changes in temperature to regulate heating and cooling.

Despite using these few terms that are specific air conditioning systems and units, when dealing with H&H Air Conditioning you can expect that we’ll always strive to speak your language with clear honest communication to our customers with all our dealings. We’ve got a lot to say and we’re great at listening too to so contact us today on (07) 3276 1800 to discuss an air conditioning solution to work for your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning for home or business.