Air Conditioning Options For New Homes

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Air Conditioning Options For New Homes


Air Conditioning Options for New Homes

When building a new home, one of the biggest design considerations is the thermal efficiency of the structure. When planning a new home there are many things to consider however the heating, ventilation, cooling and air flow is all major factors that need to be considered. A smart home design and a quality air conditioning system will enhance the liveability of the home and building a new home is the perfect time to get this right from the very beginning.

There are many ways to achieve natural heating and cooling of the home during the building stage. This can include the orientation of the floor plan on the block of land, and the design of the home to promote cross ventilation. Quality insulation, light roof colours and adding eaves and awnings near windows can also provide shading solution which will keep the home cooler during hot summers of Queensland.

Design Ducted At the Building Stage

There’s no doubt however that for optimum comfort around the year, an HVAC system should be considered. The best and most affordable option to include ducted air conditioning in your home is while it is being built. There are many two storey homes that cannot be installed after they are built and spaces that can only be accessed prior to building which means that if you want ducted in a two storey home it’s best to do it when building or have some rooms without ducted air con.

Air Conditioning Included or an Extra?

We recommend budgeting for some form of air conditioning in your new home since many project builders do not include air conditioning (among many other home features) in their new home builds. It’s a small cost to factor in and budget for in relation to the overall building costs.

H&H Air Conditioning last year won numerous awards from the Master Builders Association for our ducted air conditioning designs in some of Queensland’s most attention grabbing homes. No matter what style of home, from traditional to contemporary, we can discreetly and seamlessly integrate air conditioning into the blueprint of the home, operating so quietly you won’t even notice it’s there!

Ducted systems more economical for entire home comfort

Ducted air conditioning will be the most economical solution to keep an entire home cool. Coupled with solid building materials, good insulation and a good home design from your builder, the costs of running a ducted system are significantly less in homes with good thermal efficiency.

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