Air conditioning in Brisbane and the positive effects for asthmatics

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Air conditioning in Brisbane and the positive effects for asthmatics

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Air conditioning in Brisbane is a necessity for most of us simply to provide a retreat from the fierce summer temperatures. The heat is exhausting, and, ironically, can stop us from sleeping well. These are great benefits. However for asthmatics and allergy sufferers the benefits can run a little deeper. Let’s take a look at the ways air conditioning can actually improve the lives of asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

How does air conditioning benefit asthmatics?

Because air conditioners filter the air that recirculates throughout the house, allergens such as pollens are removed. This means you get nice cool air without one of the most common asthma triggers, pollen. The air conditioning system will also reduce humidity in the home, which helps to minimise dust mites and mould spores from becoming a problem for asthmatics as well.

Asthmatics benefit from air conditioning during the hottest Brisbane months

Temperature fluctuations can really mess with asthma so a consistent temperature is really important. Pollen counts are really high in the summer, making allergies such as hay fever more common during this time and increasing the prevalence of asthmatic issues. This is the time it can be very appealing to open up the windows and doors to try to catch a cooling breeze. This is not great for those with the aforementioned problems! Air conditioning is a great solution for a steady temperature with clean air.

Ensuring that air conditioning is effective

Air conditioner need to be maintained to ensure that it keeps your air as cool and as clean as possible. Check the filter each month, and clean it or replace it as is required. If you need help or assistance with this, give us a call, we are installers, however we do maintenance as well. We are always happy to offer advice and assistance. We want your air conditioning to work as well as possible at all times. It also really does pay to get a professional service on your air conditioning every year. This will prolong the life of your system, and ensure that it is running at it’s optimum level.

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