Tips to achieve natural air conditioning in the home

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Tips to achieve natural air conditioning in the home

Tips to achieve natural air conditioning in the home

Power prices are on the rise, homeowners are feeling the pinch and starting now temperatures are also heating up. But before temperatures reaching boiling point here in Brisbane, the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn are a good time to rethink how you use your air conditioning units and limit their use to the warmer days when they become most necessary. There’s also a lot you can do in the home to promote natural ventilation which we explain in our latest post.

How to prevent heat gains when building or renovating.

Limiting the amount of heat gains that filter into the home will ease reliance on cooling systems. This can be done energy efficient home design which should always come into consideration when building or renovating.

•    If possible have the living areas of the home facing north. This will ensure the fiercest heat of the day impacts the areas of the home where you are most likely to spend time.

•    North facing windows should also be larger, and windows on either side of the home should be placed oppositely to encourage cross ventilation breezes.

•    Limit bedrooms that face on the western side of the home as these will hold heat during the evenings.

•    Brick walls and a concrete slab will help absorb the temperature of the day evenly and due to their thermal mass will evenly distribute warmth in north facing rooms.

Is your insulation up to scratch?

Investing in insulation is a household must have in Queensland. If you are going to make sure you’ve got quality insulation anywhere – make sure it is the ceiling since during summer 35 per cent of the heat from the sun enters into the home through an uninsulated ceiling. This makes a lot of sense when you think about it since the surface of the roof is extensive and a large area is likely to be unshaded. It’s worth having your insulation assessed and if it’s quality has deteriorated, investing in new insulation.

Keeping your home shaded

To maximise the benefits of ceiling insulation, it’s important that windows that face east, south and west are kept shaded otherwise heat can become trapped in the home, even when the outdoor temperatures cool down.

As a general rule, exterior shading works better than interior shading. This means focus your attention to using outdoor window awnings, roof eaves and trees and bushes rather than just curtains or blinds – however these assist with shading too.

Use your widows properly

Keeping your windows shut during the warmest part of the day and re-open them during late afternoon and early evening as temperatures cool down again.

Temperatures and power prices are on the rise, but you can delay the impact and the reliance of your air conditioning system this spring by rethinking the natural air conditioning of your home. Stay tuned to our advice and tips page for more tips from south east Queensland’s leading air conditioning company – H&H Air Conditioning. Contact us today on (07) 3276 1800 for Brisbane and on (07) 5477 1777 for the Sunshine Coast.