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Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation 5

5 Air Conditioning Installations Gone Wrong

5 Air Conditioning Installations Gone Wrong






Are you a fan of the DIY? There are many benefits for being handy around the home, but when it comes to air conditioning installations, botched installation jobs are all too common – even with shonky tradesmen that claim they specialise in air conditioning. Many handymen or electricians may list air conditioning installations as one of their services, but they often lack the knowledge to install them correctly, safety, neatly, or with the best efficiency in mind.

Moral of the story: Always have a new air conditioner sized, installed and mounted by an air conditioning installation professional with a reputation that you can verify. 

As you’ll see from the Air Conditioning Hall of Shame Facebook Page, a page dedicated to showcases bungled installations, the results of trying to DIY, or using the wrong contractor to install your AC, could be a shoddy result like this… Or worse!

5 Air Conditioning Installations Gone Wrong

Air Conditioning Installation 1

1.     We’re getting nervous looking at this one. And we’re betting as well as the safety in the install wasn’t really considered, neither was the safety of the mounting or the unsecured cabling note to mention the messy pipework. Rushed, lazy, inexperienced or all three? We’ll let you be the judge.


5 Air Conditioning Installations Gone Wrong

Air Conditioning Installation 2

2.       We’re getting the heebie jeebies just looking at this one. It’s not a house of horrors, but it could almost be, with this split system install almost hanging by a thread.  It may blow cold air but looking at this monstrosity every day would almost make it better not to have an air conditioner at all.

After all, air conditioning units are meant to provide comfort, not make you questions your safety every time you use them!

5 Air Conditioning Installations Gone Wrong

Air Conditioning Installation 3

3.     We give this one top marks for the neatness and compactness of the outdoor unit. Unfortunately for the owners of this system, being locked in a bin storage cupboard, there is going to be a severe lack of air flow. This means limited intake of new air to bring into the home. This can only  mean a pretty ineffective system

5 Air Conditioning Installations Gone Wrong

Air Conditioning Installation 4

4.      It may be tough to see what’s going on here, but things are slightly sideways when you look at the outdoor unit (look mid frame).

As one user commented, these brackets aren’t even trusty enough to hang a coat on. Not to mention, the compressor will  burn out from lack of lubrication!




5.     To the untrained eye, this wall mounted split system might look like everything is business as usual. However we can tell just by looking at this that it’s the wrong size and this tiny split system will be working overtime to try and cool the room. The result of the system with the wrong capacity is ineffective cooling and a system that will ultimately use more power as it works harder to keep a regulated temperature.

H&H Air Conditioning can spare your home or business the heartache and the ‘what were they thinking’ moments of bungled air conditioning installations. Here in Brisbane, and across south East Queensland and the Sunshine Coast we are the air conditioning company of choice. Contact us today to arrange an installation that will stand up the the standards you deserve.

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