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Why do Inverter Air Conditioner Systems not receive a higher star rating?

Many people are confused as to why inverter systems which are promoted for their energy efficiency often have a lower start rating than traditional air conditioners. The Australian Government recently made changes to the energy rating system and all AC units are now rated out of 10 stars compared the former scheme where they were rated out of 6 stars for their efficiency. As inverter systems have variations in fan and motor speed, their star rating is based on operation at full load. When operating at full load many systems will use more energy than standard systems however the systems are very efficient at part load operation which is the most used mode in a typical household. In fact when operating at partial load inverter systems use up to 30 per cent less energy than traditional systems.

Other benefits of inverter systems are that they are quieter than traditional systems and also reach the desired temperature faster than non-inverter split systems