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Residential Case Study

This Queenslander was a renovation that included lifting, extending and building in underneath whilst keeping its old Queenslander exterior it has a totally modern interior.
We liaised with the owner, architect and builder to provide a functional energy efficient design that met the cooling requirements of a large family with multiple day time living areas and bedrooms.

A combination of round, lineal side blow grilles and slot diffusers were used throughout the house to blend in with the lighting layout and clean modern ceiling and bulkhead lines.
A Polyaire Air Touch System was used to control the various zoning requirements. This system also has Wi-Fi connectivity so the system can be operated through tablet/smart phone throughout the house.

Fujitsu Ducted Systems were incorporated into the design. The larger three phase system primarily services the day time living areas/zones. A smaller single phase system was used to air-condition the bedrooms to maximise energy efficiency during the night time running but at the same time have the flexibility to cool the Bedroom areas of a day if required.

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