Air Conditioning Service Sunshine Coast

Air Conditioner Service Sunshine Coast – Why You Need Regular Servicing

The burning summer sunshine is beating down on your sweaty back as you get home from a hard day’s work. The house feels like a sauna. Before you even reach for an icy cold drink, you flick the air conditioner on. Nothing happens. You groan – why now? The answer – you forgot to book a regular air conditioning service with the Sunshine Coast professionals. Not only does it mean that you could have a few days (or weeks!) without any air conditioning at all (better hope you’ve got a pool!), it also means you could be up for some expensive repairs. Worse still, you’ve probably been paying too much for running costs for a while now. Ok, so before jumping into yet another online search for ‘Air Conditioning Service Sunshine Coast‘, ‘Air Conditioner Sunshine Coast‘ or ‘Air Conditioning Services Sunshine Coast‘, have a read through this page, as we’ve attempted to provide all the information you need!

What can you do to encourage the longevity of your air conditioning unit, even in the most demanding climates? Preventative maintenance. When the best laid plans fail, Technicool Air Conditioning Service Sunshine Coast have the blueprints for your continued comfort. Monthly, quarterly or annually, it’s important to establish a maintenance schedule with a reputable air conditioner service Sunshine Coast home owners know they can trust. Commercial owners also enjoy the benefits of regular scheduling, as our trained experts can devise a plan to suit every budget according system requirements. Efficient, affordable and customer friendly, Technicool Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast invest in your satisfaction.

Why will regular maintenance protect your climate control investment? A custom Technicool maintenance schedule minimises running costs, regulates quality and ensures you breathe in clean, conditioned air. Imagine a stale and stuffy home or office…Technicool will help you avoid such a scenario. A properly maintained air conditioner will save you money on your electricity bills, extend the life of your air conditioner AND keep you reliably cool through the sweaty Sunshine Coast summers.

Air Conditioning Service Sunshine Coast – An Essential Investment For Commercial Customers

The success of your Sunshine Coast business relies on keeping your clients happy and your staff focused on their work with a cool head and a clear mind. The last thing you need is frayed tempers and sluggish employees because the office air conditioning has broken down in 35 degree heat and 90% humidity.

Keeping your air conditioning well serviced is about more than potential breakdowns. Air conditioning units get dirty. Without regular cleaning, your unit could be pumping contaminated air into your office or warehouse, translating to sick staff and a smelly premises.

We know how important reliable climate control is for your business. Reduce the risk of costly equipment failures – both to your bank account and to your daily productivity. Call Technicool Air Conditioning Service Sunshine Coast today on 07 5477 1777 and let our qualified maintenance contractors tailor an affordable monthly maintenance plan for you.

Air Conditioning Services Sunshine Coast – Maintenance For Homeowners

Chances are your home air conditioner doesn’t get quite the same year-round workout on the Sunshine Coast that commercial air con units do, so you won’t need anything as frequent as a monthly service call. You do, however, need to make sure you book in for a professional Sunshine Coast air conditioning service at least annually to keep your unit running smoothly through the hotter months.

Timing is everything when it comes to air conditioner servicing. We recommend making an appointment for our qualified contractors to come out towards the end of winter before you’re even thinking about turning your air conditioner on. That way you can crank up the settings at the first sign of a heatwave, safe in the knowledge that your air conditioning will be pumping out clean, cool air immediately.

Feeling a little panicked because you’re reading this in the middle of summer and haven’t had your air conditioning serviced in, well, forever? It’s better late than never! Call Technicool Air Conditioning Services Sunshine Coast today on 07 5477 1777 to book the air conditioning services of the Sunshine Coast professionals. We’ll even draw up an annual maintenance plan so you don’t forget next year!

DIY Air Conditioner Service Sunshine Coast – Here’s What You Can Do Yourself!

Do you want to extend the life of your air con unit, make sure your air conditioner keeps you warm in winter (for split cycle units), cool in summer, doesn’t spit out nasty, dirty air at you and costs you as little as possible in running costs? Of course you do.

You’ve made a significant investment in climate control for your home or office – the last thing you want is for the unit to stop working as soon as it’s out of warranty. The good news is there’s a lot you can do between services to get the most out of your air conditioner. Proper maintenance of your air conditioner isn’t simply about making a time once every now and then to get the professionals in. Reduce your Sunshine Coast air conditioning service costs by doing these easy tasks yourself.

#1 Learn How To Use It Properly!

#1 Learn How To Use It Properly!

This might sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how often people simply keep pushing buttons until it ‘seems right’ without really knowing what they’re doing. Take the time to read the manual that comes with your air conditioning unit. Chances are it will have all sorts of advice about when to turn it on, how to set it for maximum efficiency and how to use any timing functions to make sure your property is cooled when you want it to be.

To save running costs, try setting the thermostat even half a degree cooler or warmer than you think you want. For every degree you crank it up, you’ll make your unit work harder and increase the wear and tear. You’ll also pay for it handsomely on your electricity bill.

#2 Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit

#2 Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners work by sucking hot air in, cooling it down and forcing it out again to circulate. It’s not surprising, then, that they build up a lot of gunk and dust inside them over time. The good news is, that’s a whole lot of nasty particles that you’re not breathing in. The bad news is, they can start to be cycled back into the air if you don’t clean the air conditioner regularly. Grease and dust can also block the air filters, making the air conditioning unit work harder and less efficiently – increasing the wear and tear and reducing the life of your unit. The cleaning process is different for each air conditioner and especially varies between types – split system or ducted. Consult your user manual for specific instructions, but here’s a handy outline of the steps involved for each type.

#3 Tips For Maintaining Ducted Air Conditioning

#3 Tips For Maintaining Ducted Air Conditioning

With Sunshine Coast ducted air conditioning, the actual unit will be outside – probably on your roof. It’s generally not safe to go climbing up there to dismantle machinery and clean it out if you don’t know you’re doing. It’s best to leave that part to the professionals – we have the right safety gear and specialist knowledge!

You can, however, do something about the parts of the unit that are inside your house. Go into any room that the air con is ducted into and look up. See those holes that are covered by grilles, sort of like louvred window shutters? That’s called an air return and they are excellent dust gatherers!

  • Step 1: Remove the air returns from the ceiling. This is usually easy to do – just push them up, rotate them and lift them down. Some have a small attachment you’ll need to unclip and remove first. Just check your user manual
  • Step 2: Wash the grime and dust off gently in warm, soapy water
  • Step 3: Leave them to dry completely before replacing them back into the ceiling

#4 Tips For Maintaining Split System Air Conditioning

#4 Tips For Servicing Split System Air Conditioning

If you’ve got a split system air conditioner, part of the actual unit will be inside on the wall (the other part will be on the other side of the wall – outside), making it easier to get to and clean yourself. Again, consult your user manual for specifics, but the general process will look something like this. Make sure you turn off the electricity to the unit before doing any cleaning!

  • Step 1: Clean the outside and inside of the units. First, vacuum off any dust you can see, then wipe over them with a damp cloth. Next, open the front cover and vacuum the inside of the unit
  • Step 2: Clean the filters. Mould spores, dust and other nasty air particles can become trapped in your air conditioner’s filters. Making sure you clean them properly will mean healthier, cleaner air for you and better performance for your air conditioner. Remove the filters from your air conditioner and wash them in warm, soapy water. Leave them to dry completely before putting them back in and closing the cover. Having trouble? Just search online for ‘how to’ tutorials – often you’ll find a video guide as well as a written one, which can make things that bit easier
  • Step 3: Keep debris away from your external unit. Check your outside unit and make sure it’s free from debris and vegetation. If you’ve got trees, shrubs or vines growing near it, these can get caught in the air intake and reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner – costing you more in running costs and reducing the life span of your unit

Air Conditioning Service Sunshine Coast – What Happens During A Professional Service?

Regular professional servicing will keep your warranty viable and extend the life and efficiency of your unit. When we perform Sunshine Coast air conditioning service calls, we do more than simply clean it. Our air conditioner servicing will include:

  • Check the refrigerant
  • Inspect and test the unit for electrical faults, leaks, kinks and ineffective seals
  • Check the thermostat to make sure it’s functioning and set correctly
  • Measure performance by checking the air flow
  • Look for evidence of wear and tear and replace any parts before they break completely
  • Clean the air conditioning ducts
  • Test for the presence of mould – these nasty spores need to be removed immediately before they contribute to respiratory conditions

Don’t put it off until your electricity bill mysteriously goes through the roof, or your air conditioning unit breaks down. Call Technicool Air Conditioner Service Sunshine Coast on 07 3376 2644 to book in your service today – we’re the trusted local professionals for your air conditioning service on the Sunshine Coast and we’re waiting for your call! Book your air conditioning service with the trusted Sunshine Coast professionals!