Air Conditioning Maroochydore

We are the air conditioning Maroochydore pros!

Recognising the growth of the Maroochydore and the Sunshine Coast is a priority of Technicool. Along with this recognition is a commitment to becoming the coasts leading supplier of air conditioners and air conditioning service. With years of local experience in residential and commercial air conditioning, Technicool’s staff are highly skilled in servicing our clients.

Whether you require a new air conditioner for your home, a new system for your business, or anything in between, Technicool have the knowledge and proven reputation to get it done on time and within budget.

From our very first days, Technicool has created a sense of pride in our work and high levels of customer service. This starts with our smallest residential customers and continues through to our largest of commercial clients. Big or small, you are a valued Technicool Air Conditioning customer and we make sure you’re treated this way. This is part of the reason we have seen continual growth since we started operating.

Air conditioners Maroochydore | What we do

At Technicool, we provide a variety of air conditioning services—everything you need to keep your home or business cool during the summer months.


We can fit a new air conditioner in your home, office, or industrial building. Our team of professionals will recommend an AC system that is perfectly suited to your needs, taking into account the amount of space being cooled, the layout of the property, your budget, and more. We want to recommend an energy-efficient system that is ideal for your space, and that won’t break the bank.

To recommend a new system, we may need to visit your property to assess your roof, power sources, the presence of asbestos, and more. We’ll take care of everything for you.

Servicing & maintenance

During summer, air conditioners work hard. And they need to be serviced regularly to keep on working hard. We can complete essential periodic servicing for your AC systems such as checking refrigerant levels, checking your coils, the condensate pump and more. We also provide help with simple ongoing maintenance tips to keep your system running smoothly.


Air conditioners are complex machines with lots of working parts, and as with any machine of this type, they break from time to time. There could be issues with the compressor, the filter, the thermostat, drainage problems, fuses, leaks, and many more. These can only be fixed by professionals, and we are here to help. We have the training and the experience to quickly fix your air conditioner’s issues, and get things back up and running ASAP.

Air conditioners that we install

We supply, install, service, and repair the two common air conditioners you’ll find across Australia:

Ducted air conditioning Maroochydore

Ducted air conditioners are highly-desirable systems that are (usually) hidden away inside your roof cavity. They are suited to larger homes where you want to cool multiple spaces at once, and be able to activate and deactivate cooling in these areas, which are known as “zones.” Cool air is delivered from stylish, subtle vents, and the entire system is extremely quiet. They can even increase the value of your home.

Split system air conditioners Maroochydore

Split systems are wall-mounted air conditioners that many people will recognise. They’re better suited to smaller properties where you want to cool one or two rooms. They work fast, cooling down the room within a few minutes, and work well in apartments, small homes, or even small offices where you want to cool a single space.

We supply premium air conditioners in Maroochydore

We have been working in the air conditioning industry for years, and have developed relationships with its premium manufacturers: Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Daikin. This allows us to supply and install the very best AC systems in Australia, which are reliable, efficient, and excellent at cooling homes and businesses. We’ve even been awarded Fujitsu’s “Dealer of the Year” for our work with their excellent AC systems.

You can certainly buy a cheaper air conditioner, however, you’ll usually end up paying more in the long run from repair call-outs and higher energy bills. Smaller manufacturers just don’t have the same knowledge or history in the industry as the big players, so it’s almost always a better option to invest in a premium system that you know is going to work well, and rarely give you trouble.

Air conditioning Maroochydore—warranty service

Another strong area of focus for the team at Technicool has been our recognition within the industry. We have always worked to build strong foundations with the best suppliers and manufacturers of air conditioners and air conditioning components. For this reason, we are an authorised repairer for many major brands from both Australia and overseas. You can feel safe in the knowledge that when your air con is serviced or repaired by an Technicool technician your system retains its manufacturer’s warranty.