Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Choosing Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast For Your Home

Count yourself lucky if you live on the Sunshine Coast. With its beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle, this little slice of paradise is Australia’s premier holiday and sea change destination. That said, if there’s any drawbacks to Sunshine Coast living, it’s the relentless heat and humidity over summer. Want to get through the summer months without your home becoming a stagnant sweat box? You need a reliable, efficient and robust cooling system and you need the right company to help you. If you’ve been searching online for ‘Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast‘ or ‘Ducted Air Con Sunshine Coast‘, there are a lot of choices, but we believe the team at Technicool is the best of the bunch, so talk to the Technicool Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast team today. on (07) 3376 2644.

Ducted Air Con Sunshine Coast – Your Cooling Options Explained

Finding the right system of cooling for your Sunshine Coast home can be tricky. Our humidity levels start to climb in November and peak over the December to February period. You have to factor that in when you’re looking for the right cooling solution for your home. The cooling options you might have if you lived in other parts of Australia just won’t cut it on the Sunshine Coast. It’s a different type of heat entirely, so it calls for a different cooling solution.

A portable pedestal fan will create a breeze but it won’t alleviate the humidity. Evaporative cooling won’t work either. In fact, it will actually make the problem even worse. That’s because it cools the air by drawing it through water-soaked cooling pads. By doing so, it naturally increases the humidity, and the sweat factor, in your home. That’s the last thing you want if you’re living on the Sunshine Coast. There’s a time and a place for evaporative cooling…but it’s certainly not on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast ducted air conditioning is by far your best option because it quietly and efficiently cools and dehumidifies the air in your home, allowing you to go about your day-to-day business comfortably… and get a restful night’s sleep. A ducted system of air conditioning normally involves a central cooling unit which is installed either in your roof space, under your floor or, in some cases, outside. It does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to cooling your home, blowing the cooled air to the rooms in your home via a system of ducts, which lead to outlets placed in the ceiling or in bulkheads.

The Many Advantages Of Choosing Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast

Ducted air con is the best cooling option for you if you live on the Sunshine Coast. Sure, it might call for more of a financial outlay at the time of installation. However, in the long run, you’ll be better off. If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, ducted air conditioning offers a number of distinct advantages over other systems of cooling. Some of those advantages translate directly into a healthier and happier hip pocket, as well as a more efficient and effective system of cooling.

#1 A Whole-Of-Home Solution To Your Cooling Problems

#1 A Whole-Of-Home Solution To Your Cooling Problems

Ducted air conditioning Sunshine Coast is a whole-of-home solution to the problem of cooling your home. Most of the other cooling systems will just cool the room or area in which they’re located. If you’ve got a ducted air con system in your home, you can cool all of your rooms simultaneously or in a co-ordinated way. You’ll also avoid the cost of installing multiple split systems throughout your home, which can necessitate costly alterations to your wiring and increased running costs. Multiple air conditioners throughout your Sunshine Coast home increase your servicing costs and the likelihood of costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

Depending on your needs and how you want to control your ducted air conditioner, you’re sure to find one with a control system to suit you. Some ducted systems are operated via a remote control. Others are wall-mounted. Some controllers are even Wi-Fi compatible or have smart phone or tablet connectivity. Even the most basic ducted air conditioners have a timer function. Nowadays, you don’t even have to be at home to have complete control of your air conditioning system. That’s something to really keep in mind if you share your home with elderly relatives, teenagers or pets.

#2 Not Just An Air Conditioner – A Heater As Well!

#2 Not Just An Air Conditioner – A Heater As Well!

You might be surprised to learn that if you choose wisely, your ducted air conditioner can also double as an effective and efficient heater in winter. Reverse cycle ducted air conditioners can be switched over to operate as ducted heating systems in the winter months. They can extract heat from the outside air, carry it into your home and disperse it through the same series of ducts and outlets employed by your air conditioner in the warmer months. One system to solve both your heating and cooling problems means that you save money. You won’t have to go to the expense of having a separate heating system installed. You’ll also avoid having to double up on servicing costs.

Why Ducted Air Con Sunshine Coast Makes Good Financial Sense

Modern ducted air conditioners rely on inverter technology. They’re designed and engineered to use less power and run much more quietly and efficiently than their predecessors. This means the running costs for your Sunshine Coast ducted air conditioning system are much more affordable than you might think.

Home buyers on the Sunshine Coast are more discerning when it comes to the type of additions they want to see in a property. Ducted air conditioning is a real selling point in the competitive real estate market. It’ll give you a clear advantage over other properties on the market if you’re planning to sell or rent out your home further down the track.

Sunshine Coast Ducted Air Con & Zoning

An even bigger advantage to ducted air con on the Sunshine Coast is that most ducted systems can be ‘zoned’. This means that you can enjoy different temperatures in different rooms or even shut off some rooms completely. You can completely tailor your ducted air conditioning system to suit the way you use the rooms in your home. It’s far more cost-effective because it means that you won’t be have the air conditioning running in the rooms that you’re not using. For example, you can have your air conditioned comfort in your living areas during the day and bedrooms at night. Alternatively, you can take advantage of your home’s orientation by reducing the air conditioning to the naturally cooler, shaded parts of your home during the day. That’s better for you and better for the environment.

Why Ducted Air Con Is Easier On The Eye In You Sunshine Coast Home

Ducted air con systems are also less visually obtrusive. Most of the moving parts of your ducted air conditioner are hidden from sight: they’re housed in a unit that’s either outside your home or in your roof space, not in plain sight on your walls. This means you can save your valuable wall space for the things that you really want to look at, such as photos or artwork, rather than a bulky split system.

Another advantage ducted systems have over the other cooling systems on the market is that they’re much quieter when operating than other air conditioners on the market. You won’t get a distracting, forceful and noisy blast of cold air coming from the one direction. Instead, you’ll enjoy a delightfully light, cool breeze and whisper- quiet operation.

Choosing The Best Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast Solution For Your Needs

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to your ducted air conditioning options on the Sunshine Coast. So how do you ensure that you choose a great ducted air conditioner and not a dud?

The secret lies in choosing one that ticks as many of the following boxes as possible:

  • It’s right size for your home. In other words, it’s powerful enough to cool your whole home, taking into account the size of your rooms and height of your ceilings
  • Is able to be completely customised to suit your home and its orientation on the block
  • It can be zoned so you’re not cooling the rooms you’re not using
  • It is a reverse cycle ducted system so it offers you an efficient heating and cooling system
  • It’s easy to operate with a controller that’s as simple or as technologically advanced as you want it to me
  • A well-constructed unit made from high-quality materials that doesn’t just meet but exceeds Australian standards
  • Is from a reputable, well-established company that gives you a lengthy manufacturer’s warranty (e.g. Polyaire, Daikin, Fujitsu, or Mitsubishi)
  • Has the highest possible energy rating so that you know you’re saving money and doing your bit for the environment

If you’re thinking about a ducted air conditioner for your Sunshine Coast home, you should speak to a local air conditioning expert. One who knows the Sunshine Coast’s unique weather conditions and has an intricate knowledge of the range of ducted air conditioners on the market. Talk to the Technicool Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast team today on (07) 5477 1777.

Where To Go To For Expert Advice & Installation For Your Ducted Air Conditioner Sunshine Coast

It’s also crucial to have your ducted air conditioner professionally installed and configured to your floor plan. You also want to be guaranteed friendly and reliable after-sales service to keep your ducted air conditioner running smoothly, year after year.

At Technicool Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast, we can explain the best ducted air conditioning options for your specific needs. We can help you decide on a system that will best suit your home and your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you’re building your dream home or looking to retrofit an established home with a ducted air conditioner. We’ll customise an air conditioning system for you that will have you wishing you’d thought of ducted air conditioning years ago!

Want the best ducted air conditioning for your Sunshine Coast property? Contact the friendly team at Technicool Ducted Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast on (07) 3376 2644 today.