Air Conditioning Coorparoo

Your Local Coorparoo Air Conditioning Experts!

We are veteran air conditioning experts in Coorparoo, who supply, install, repair, and maintain AC systems. We work with both residential and commercial customers, and have been servicing Coorparoo for well over 20 years.

Whether you’d like us to service an existing air conditioning unit, install a new split system or ducted system, or provide some well-needed maintenance, we can help. We have the knowledge, experience, and supplier relationships to provide you with top-level service for your air conditioning—just check out our awesome customer reviews on Google.

We made a commitment long ago to only use quality, industry leading air conditioner manufacturers such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and Daikin, which provide premium cooling capabilities, great energy usage, and durable builds. This commitment combined with our stellar service has made us one of the premier air conditioning companies in Coorparoo and Brisbane.

Services we provide to Coorparoo

At Technicool, we provide a variety of air conditioning services for Coorparoo locals, including:

AC installations

We can recommend the right air conditioning system for your home or business, whether that’s a ducted system, a split system, or a multi-head split system. We’ll chat to you about your air conditioning needs, including how many rooms you want to cool, the total amount of space being cooled, your type of roof, and more, to determine the ideal system for you. Then we’ll provide a highly competitive, itemised quote for the system installation, which will include a machine from a premium manufacturer like Daikin (we don’t sell low quality systems because we’ve seen how easily they break).

Ultimately, we can recommend an air conditioning system that matches your budget and needs, to take the guesswork away for you, and install a system that is right.

AC upgrades

Has your Coorparoo air conditioner seen better days? We can upgrade your system for you, so that you can experience the bliss of a modern air conditioner on those scorching summer days. AC technology is constantly improving, and if you’re still running a 20 year old system in your home, there’s a good chance that it’s extremely inefficient compared to modern versions, and regularly breaking. With a modern AC system, you’ll not only have a machine that is built with the latest energy efficiency technology, but one that is quiet, durable, and that can easily handle the intense summer heat. This goes for both residential and commercial properties, but is particularly important for the latter because you need to keep our staff happy and your electricity costs down.

Warranty Repairs & Servicing

Have a problem with your air conditioner? We are an authorised repairer and servicer of air conditioners by some of the biggest brands in Australian and international air conditioning.

We can quickly diagnose your air conditioning problem and make the necessary repairs, before claiming it back from your warranty. When having your air conditioner serviced by a Technicool technician in Coorparoo, you’ll be comfortable in the knowledge that your manufacturer’s warranty will be 100% intact.

We can complete repairs for anyone: homeowners, rental agencies, strata managers, business owners, and more. Common fixes include dripping systems, refrigerant refills, cool air not blowing, replacing filters, and a host of other problems that we’ve fixes thousands of times, and will fix thousands more.

If your AC system needs to be serviced, we can help with that too. It’s recommended to service your system once a year to keep everything running smoothly. This will not only prolong the life of your air conditioner, but will also keep its energy efficiency as high as possible, to help with your energy costs.

Advantage Air

Advantage Air is a popular control system that allows you to manage your ducted air conditioner. It’s a type of smart technology where you can control the system using a wall-mounted tablet, your mobile phone, or any other screen with internet access. You can activate and deactivate certain zones, set individual temperatures for each zone, set timers, and much more. It’s a highly sophisticated system that we can install a part of your ducted AC setup, for an affordable price. This kind of system can also increase the value of your home because it’s extremely desirable (people love good technology!)

Air conditioning Coorparoo—types of AC we install

We install the two most common types of air conditioning systems: ducted, and split systems (including multi-splits). We can install other types depending on your needs—just get in touch and we’ll recommend a system that is right for your Coorparoo home or business.

Ducted Air Conditioning Coorparoo

Ducted air conditioners are highly-sought cooling systems that are suited to larger properties. Their ducted allows for the creation of zones throughout a building, which can be turned on individually when they need to be used, making them highly energy efficient. The entire system is also hidden in the walls, making them the most aesthetically pleasing AC you can buy.

Split System Air Conditioning Coorparoo

Split systems are the more “traditional” air conditioners that are mounted on the wall. They are more suited to smaller properties that require cooling for one or two rooms, or for single larger rooms (which will require larger units). Split systems are great because they are the most energy efficient type of AC, and can quickly cool down their spaces. Downsides are that you can clearly see the wall-mounted unit, and they can be on the noisy side. Still, they are an excellent and affordable choice if you need climate control for smaller spaces, especially when purchased from a quality manufacturer like Fujitsu or Mitsubishi (we only use the best providers).